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We Aint Human Without Fear


May 3, 2010
Navdeep88 ji,
It is a powerful video, yet it only speaks to half the reality of being human. You see, a wild animal, that is prey or territorial, has reason to fear whatever threatens survival or breeding/feeding advantages. Humans, and the video you posted illustrates this point well, fear needlessly for all kinds of irrational reasons. This is neurosis (anxiety, avoidance behaviors and illogical thinking) and if left unchecked, can lead to psychosis (defensive/aggressive behaviors, violence and cruelty).

For some strange reason, we humans have not evolved our psyche in pace with the survival advantages we have gained that really should give us greater peace of mind and sense of security. Our greatest threats come from our own species. We fear each other more than any other species. We compete within our social structures, even though we have the option to restructure so that competition is made obsolete.

Being human, we call ourselves Homo Sapiens, which means ‘Thinking Man’, but fear flies in the face of such a claim. Fear is instinctive, reactive, visceral and emotional. Strategically analyzing and devising an approach to lead one out of fearful situations is what a thinking human does. Fleeing from threat is what an inferior or weak animal does. Defending possessions is what any animal will attempt to do when it perceives offensive threat. Fear is an instinct that all animals possess.

We aint human without (rationalising, understanding and then eradicating) fear... :57:


Dec 22, 2009
I agree fear is instinctive, but what I thought was really cool was that once you admit whatever it is your afraid of, it puts you in a better position to actually conquer it... and the fact that everyone is prone to fear, it makes you feel less alone, its empowering. Its part of our condition, as humans. "Our greatest threats come from our own species." I would say the opposite is also true, that nothing gives your existence more meaning than serving others.

Fear is the work of our brain, and most of the time our oh-so-cautious brain will LOOK for something to fear, if we choose to focus on fear, there will always be plenty of things to be afraid of. Sometimes you have to turn away from it and recognize that if fear comes from within, then the solution, the strength to overcome it also comes from within. But listening to your brain is a lot easier than turning to your soul and building faith, thats comparable to swimming upstream, it takes an incredible amount of strength and discipline... but if everyone is capable of so much fear, than we are also capable of the opposite! If we fear each other so much, then we are well equipped to provide strength for one another as well. Hence, our interaction here!