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Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp (July 9 To 12)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp (July 9 to 12)

Summer in Canada means mosquitos, road construction and Sikh youth camps. There's a great one taking place in the GTA this July. The Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp is in its 5th year. Here's an FAQ on the camp put together by the organizers.


Q: What is Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp about?

A: This Sikh Youth Camp has been designed to bring all the Youth together to share knowledge of Sikhi and to promote Sikhi to our young future! Camp will be run by YOUTH from all over. Working together we shall achieve an important element in Sikhi, which is Sangat. Including in Sangat, the youth will have inspiring role models who are enthusiastic about instilling the Sikhi spirit within these young minds. With Guru Saahibs kirpa, this is our 5th year and we are growing each and every year!

Previous Camp Audio Recordings: CLICK HERE
Previous Camp Pictures: CLICK HERE

Q: Where is this Gurughar located? Are any of the programs held off site?

A: Address: 2070 Snyder’s Rd East, Petersburg, ON (Near Waterloo/Kitchener, ON)

Full duration of camp is held on site at Kitchener Gurughar Saahib.

Q: What will my child get out by attending this Youth Camp?

A: The opportunity for him/her to bond with other Sikh children of their age and as well, make new friends, learn about Sikhi, and have elder youth role models. Not only will they learn more about Sikhi, but as well as other aspects of life including balanced nutrition and sports education.

Q: I am quite shy, will I fit in?

A: Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp is open to everyone. We as camp sevadaars/volunteers/councilors try our best so each and every single child learns, has fun while learning, and does not feel isolated.

Q: Camp dates this year clash with my school; can I attend three of the four days?

A: Yes, of course! We encourage everyone to attend full duration of the camp but if you cannot due to reasons, you can shorten your stay just as long as the organizers have been informed before the start of the camp! (ie. Notifying us on your Camper Form or emailing us at waterloosikhyouthcamp@gmail.com).

Q: Do I have to stay overnight?

A: No. However, we again encourage Campers and volunteers/sevadaars to stay overnight. We get up at 4:30am amritvela everyday. The company of sangat during morning nitnem/simran/kirtan is PRICELESS!

Q: Do I have to get a Camp Tshirt? I bought one last year, can I use that one?

A: No. However, again we encourage you to do so. It is only a small fee of $10 and it makes everyone welcomed, included, and involved in the camp. We change designs of the T-shirts every year to match the camp theme!

Q: Can I stay with my child at camp? I don’t want to send my kid alone because of security reasons.

A: Parents are allowed to stay during the day with their kids at the camp just as long as they do not directly interfere with camp organization. We do not encourage parents to stay overnight with the kids, but if there are specific reasons we are willing to listen. Let us ensure again to everyone that this camp is fully monitored for inappropriate activities. We have a zero tolerance against any such behaviour at this year’s camp and will act upon the situation with proper proceedings. All kids/councillors will have proper identification, those that do not will be questioned if they are interfering with the Camp.

Q: Any rules for camp?

A: Rules, Rules, rules! Like any other camp, we ALL need to follow guidelines. Most of these apply not only to campers, but as well as Camp Sevadaars, Councillors and Volunteers.

  • No fighting, swearing, inappropriate activity. You will not be given any warnings and will be asked to leave with your parents contacted.
  • Under no circumstances are males allowed to visit female rooms or vice-versa. We know we use these rooms for workshops/kirtans, this rule applies between 9pm-9am.
  • Campers are not permitted to drive or ride in private cars or any type of motor vehicles except under the supervision or authorization of a counseling staff member.
  • Participants may not interfere with any security system or tamper with locks in student rooms and other areas.
  • Lights out at 10:30pm. Anyone seen outside their sleeping areas after this time will be questioned by security and questioned.
  • Guests and visitors (parents and other immediate family members) must inform the head sevadars and check in. Day visitors are not allowed in the sleeping area.
  • No pets of any shape or form are allowed at the camp.
  • Because of the potential danger to others and property, vandalism and pranks will not be permitted.
  • The Camp reserves the right to dismiss any participant for improper dress, conduct, language, or attitude which, in the judgment of the Co-ordinators, is deemed detrimental to the other participants or smooth operation of the camp.
  • The obvious to state is this camp is held at Gurughar Saahib.

If anyone has any questions or concerns they would like to have addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WSYC Sevadaars,

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