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Nov 4, 2007
Warrior in Today’s Society

Jermaine Andre is a professional mixed martial artist, a great warrior and a
righteous man. These are his words.
'To be a warrior in today's society is to be one of the unaccepted and

As a true warrior carries more concern and emotion than the average person,
he must always suppress his feelings so that he will not die from sadness.
This usually leads the judgmental into believing that the warrior is a man
of no heart. A true warrior looks deeply into all things without limiting
his mind inside of the borders of societies restrictions. He makes his
judgments off of what he has learned through experience instead of what he
is told to believe.

A code of honor is always established somewhere within a warrior's life. His
honor is more important to him than life itself. He would rather be dead
with honor than alive without it. Please understand that a warrior's honor
is not to be confused with a fool's ego. A warrior of today must always
keep himself disconnected from the gratifications that society allows.
Material things and money are only that to him. He must always be prepared
to die for what he believes in, so he must never fear leaving things behind.
Warriors believe in standing for what's right and falling for what's right.
They do not sway with the winning side if it is in the wrong. This would be
dishonorable. A warrior knows of things that the domesticated doesn't
because of his courage to seek and find at his own will. This always keeps
him separate from the sheep who follow the manipulating shepherd.
He does not look for his honor through fame or what other people think of
him. Even if the world condemns what he is doing as wrong, he will keep
doing it if he himself feels that it is right. He does not seek the
approval of misled and misguided men. Only the approval of the Spirit that
he has chosen as his leader.

To the warrior, his only fear of death, is to die a cowardly one. To die a
good, warrior's death … is only a blessing from his Superior Spirit.
Death through life is what the warrior will seek … and life through death,
is what he shall find.'

The Warrior Mind Set

Sikhi Related comments are in RED. The below points are taken from the book ' Living The Martial Way' by Forrest E. Morgan.

The Martial Way is not a sport, hobby, or occasional pastime. It's a way of life.
Sikhi is also a way of life and being a Sant and Saphi is ordained by Guru Jee. We encourage every Sikh to learn a Martial Art. Obviously the best would be Gatka, but if that is not possible then any other Martial Art which emphasis discipline and humility should be learnt.

Warriors belong to a elite group - one that knows no cultural boundaries. Gursikhs after taking Amrit also belong to a elite Warrior group. They see Waheguru in everyone, and they treat Friend and Foe the same.

Begin by acknowledging your Warriorship. Think, Feel, and act like a Warrior. Set yourself apart from the rest of society by your personal excellence. Where Warriorship was once a birthright, it is a now a calling.
Replace the words Warriorship with Sikhi and Warrior with Gursikh and then you will realise what Guru Jee meant when he said he wanted his Sikhs to be Sant - Saphi.

Throw away your vanity, and pursue internal objectives. learn to recognise the difference between internal and external motivations. The Martial Way is a discipline devoted to the perfection of character, not the collection or prizes and praise. Beware of rank; train to achieve personal excellence; not certificates and belts. Remember all systems are artificial. There is only one true Martial Way.
Gursikhs who know and train regularly in the Martial Arts should live by the above point.

Martial Arts related

We would like to stress that all the posts will have a relevance to Sikhi, or there would be no point in posting on a Sikhi Site. We also would like to say that the path of the Sant - Siphai is the ultimate path, however the relation between Warriorship and Religion is not just a Sikh Philosophy but has been mentioned as a path to enlightenment in several religions.

'If you follow the present-day world, you will turn your back on the Way;
If you would not turn your back on the Way, do not follow the world."

The above quote is from a eccentric Japanese monk called Takaun Soho (more about him in future posts) - He is basically saying that one should dedicate themselves to the path they have chosen and not be distracted by the world.

This relates to Sikhi very easily, when you take Amrit - The Panj Pyare tell you the Rehat you must follow. One then must concentrate on those precious words one hears from the Beloved Panj and continue to follow them without getting distracted.

Source: http://www.sevatothemax.com/blog/category/martial-arts/


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Singhbj ji,

A very original and a very resourceful perspective that you are voicing with the idea of "warrior."

I am interested to see how things evolve. There are pitfalls in this path, so it will be interesting to hear how other members engage the discussion.

What is your understanding of the meanining of Honor/honour in Gurbani?