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General War With Iran!

Many are doubting that the US will perform a strike campaign agaist Iran's Nuclear Facilities.

But the US has sent 2 nimitz class aircraft carriers to the persian gulf....very confusing message?

Is this likely to materialize? If it is, they say oil prices will spike above $100 a barrel during the initial phases.

should Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapons?
--I dont think it would be a scary world if it did posess nuclear arms!



Jan 26, 2007
I say, go USA! Just give India notice, so we can go in and try to sneak out the pea{censored} throne, and some other sundries the Persians stole from India! Then let them do whatever the hell they want to Iran.


Jun 13, 2006
Someone should also go in and save all the beautiful artwork the Persians created preIslam before the yanks blow the s h i t e out of it. But to be honest I don't think the yanks could handle dealing with Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan at the same time.
Feb 25, 2010

Obama does not have the stomach for war with Iran. Besides the left in his party would abandon him and since right now he would loose an election against a dead politician (according to the polls barely 40% approve of him) I doubt he would risk that. Now the Israeli's THAT is a different story.

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