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War Against Drugs


Jun 1, 2004
Concerned at the rising trend of distribution of drugs for votes, children of a nearby village requested their parents to boycott all candidates, in the fray for India's Lok Sabha (House of Commons) federal elections, who were distributing liquor and other drugs to woo voters.

Youngsters and school kids in the village Daad held placards bearing slogans, requesting people not to get swayed by drugs. They urged them to cast votes on basis of their conscience, in national interest.
One of the slogans read, "For our better future, you should not vote for politicians indulging in drug distribution." Accompanying these school kids were village youngsters.

The village youth took out a motorcycle rally to create awareness among people about the damage that drugs have done in the society.
Residents of the village, impressed at their children's endeavour, later vowed at a gurdwara in the village to alienate themselves from political parties that were adopting unethical and immoral methods to get their candidates elected.

About her joining the campaign, Sandeep Kaur, a local girl said, "Politicians caring two hoots for denting the social fabric, distribute free drugs for selfish motives. But, after people get addicted, it totally destroys their family life. If these politicians have to distribute something, why can't they distribute books or something else that is required."

The "No Drugs" rally by villagers was led by the village's young sarpanch (Elected Elder), Sukhdeep Singh. He said they had been encouraged by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle to take this decisive step.
"Residents of this village are fortunate as the Study Circle has a branch here," said Sukhdeep Singh, adding that they would continue to educate youngsters about the evils of drugs, even after the election is over.

Satnam Singh Sallopuri, Director, Youth Services, of the Circle commented, "We are committed to provide all possible help to people for this social cause."
He added that even after elections they would be continuing to work in association with the village youth to eradicate the drug menace.


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