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Apr 7, 2019

Justification, in doubt

Defence, in confusion

Closure, in rejection

Sympathy, in satisfaction

Apology, in confidence

Empathy, in isolation

Forgiveness, in collaboration

Optimism, in jeopardy

Determination, in paranoia

Motivation, in affluence

.............., in ....................

In Sabda, divine music

In Sabda, divine radiance

In divine music, spiritual experiences

In divine radiance, sacred reality

In spiritual experiences, creativity

In sacred reality, supreme consciousness

In creativity, wisdom

In supreme consciousness, humility

In wisdom, structure

In humility, seva

In structure, building

In seva, builders

In building, Gurdwara

In builders, Sikhs

In Gurdwara, Vismad

In Sikhs, Vismad

In Vismad, Vismad


Jun 1, 2004
Well, it would really help other readers, if can you explain the context of this topic... :)


Apr 7, 2019
My poem is possibly in the wrong section, the first part of the poem is a psychological representation of the states of conscious distortion that results from seperation. When I say separation I don't mean from sikhism I mean from a root in contemplative spiritual exercise, the treading of a spiritual path. I believe that in life you walk towards yourself or away from yourself, you can become disconnected. I have seen the application of this distortion and its disturbing results in my life. I believe it happens on a micro and macro level too, we are complex individuals who don't always present with our actions, and this in my personal opinion stems from a disconnect.

The second part of the poem is an attempt to weave a rosary of the road in a sikhs ascent to vismad. The state of being wonderstruck. I have played with the sentences to make it tighter and more ordered towards chardi kala, drawing comparison with the previous a chaotic and unending states of being. This may not be apparent to all readers, but I don't like to give away the context of my poems because I believe that readers should take away what they see in the poem. Some people might read and not relate to my method.

My life experiences and my sabad experiences shape my poetry. Over the years I have learnt a lot from the Naad Pargaas school of thought (if you can call it that), famous scholars such as Dr Gurbhagat Singh, Deepinderjeet Randhawa, Himat Singh. The emphasis on learning from those who have actual living experience of sabad consciousness. It has took a long time for Sikhs to locate the root of their philosophical foundations, I believe this school of thought does this. I am well versed with the views of many other attempts at interpreting Sikh philosophy and its scriptures but have not found them to be holistic, which is important for me.

Why does it need to be holistic for me, as the website below suggests all structures are borne out of a yearning of the intensity of experience of sabad. In me that yearning is a need for a holistic form in someone else it could be different, but in time there will be similarity of forms. Nam for me is the experience of resurgence of the divine forms mentioned below, it is not a name or an invisible reality.

Naad means divine sound, pargaas means radiant form. These are the 2 signs of divine union as illustrated by the organisation. My poem is also an attempt to describe my attention to these concepts, internalise and then externalism them in today's sense. This is their youtube channel :

They have a website too:

Alot of the scholars used to be a part of a famous group of intellectuals called "bhootwara" based out of patiala. When I was in my twenties I too was an active seeker of knowledge, now in my thirties I have found equipoise and that in large thanks to these trailblazers. This is not to say I know everything there is a lot I don't understand especially the philosophical terminology I get confused easily, the thing is that what I am thinking is what they have articulated in their books which is fascinating to me.

I try hard to make familiar the divinity and my experience with this but it is not easy to put in words it is also daunting because people don't believe in another person's experience if they haven't been part of the same experience. When you are in a state of vismad you are not only your authentic self but the best part of yourself, in high spirits. Nothing can phase you and you will overcome all.

Good night x

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