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Vishavjit Singh, The Cartoonist


Jun 1, 2004
Vishavjit Singh, a New York-based software engineer, spends his free time creating cartoons about Sikhs. His work, over five hundred cartoons in total, has spanned topics ranging from Sikh basketball players to Punjab politics. His audience is anyone who can access the internet and his website. So not only is Vishavjit using a unique vehicle - cartoons - to comment on current events and the press, but he also uses high-tech new media to create and disseminate his work.

This audio slideshow includes some of his work, as well as excerpts from a conversation with the artist on April 27, 2007. Please click here.

Vishavjit Singh found his love for arts at a very young age. He started doodling Sikh characters in his free time. But thanks to his South Asian heritage was encouraged to leave arts for the sciences in teenage years.He studied Biological Sciences at University of California, Santa Barbara and Biostatistics/Epidemiology in Graduate School at University of California, Berkeley. The 9/11 attacks in United States and the subsequent hate crime wave adversely affecting many Sikhs created the ripe conditions for an artistic spark. Inspired by the creative response of American editorial cartoonists to the tragic events, Vishavjit started creating cartoons focusing on Sikh news/events.
As a survivor of 1984 genocidal killings of Sikhs in India his cartoons focus on the latest political, social, economic and religious developments within the Sikh community around the world. He creates cartoons on a weekly basis that appear on his website, Sikhtoons - Sikh cartoons with a message. His work has been featured in museum exhibits, film festivals, youth retreats/camps and conferences. Many Sikh news and portal websites/magazines publish his work on a regular basis. He currently resides in New York State with his wife.
The following interview based news links give more background into the motivation for Sikhtoons
A chat with Sikh cartoonist(AudioSlidehow)
Cartoonist draws on Sikh frustrations, aspirations
Interview with Sikhtoons creator


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
so many go this way....start well (born sikhs)..go awry..stray..and then RETURN...
SIKHI is like continues to attract...:idea::idea::idea::idea::idea: GYAAN conquers all:idea::idea::idea::idea::idea:

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