United Sikhs Video Contest- California Youth, Do Your Part To Create Sikh Awareness And Stand Against Bullying!


Video Contest- California Youth, Do Your Part to Create Sikh Awareness and Stand Against Bullying !

  • November 2012 declared to be Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month by California Legislature.
  • UNITED SIKHS encourages and invites all California youth to participate in Sikh Youth Voices Promoting Diversity - A Video Contest. Share your story about Sikh culture and your experience standing up to bullying.
California, USA: State Superintendent of public instruction, Tom Torlakson, sent a letter to notify all county and district superintendents and charter school administrators that the California Legislature has declared November 2012 to be California Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month. He goes on to “encourage local educational agencies to observe California Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month by conducting appropriate commemorative exercises to promote awareness of the contributions of Sikh Americans to California’s history”.

UNITED SIKHS team encourages the Sikh youth to take this opportunity to share their experiences and educate the community about Sikh culture. UNITED SIKHS has partnered with Not In Our School (NIOS), to organize A Video Contest- Sikh Youth Voices Promoting Diversity. We ask the youth in the community to share your story about Sikh Culture and Your Experience Standing up to Bullying.

The goal of the Sikh Youth Voices video contest is to create more awareness and understanding of Sikh culture and to help schools create more cordial and inclusive environments that are free of bullying.

We encourage California Sikh youth of Grade 5-12 to help creatively educate about Sikh religion and share their experience with bullying and how they stood against it in their words. HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO
Create a 3-8 minute video which talks about Sikh Culture, the experience of being a Sikh, ways to make environments more welcoming and increasing awareness about bullying of Sikh youth with real solutions. Your videos can include a monologue, short skits, re-enactments, a rap song , a slide-show, artistic drawings expressing your experience or any other innovative ways you can think of to solve problems. Submissions must be made between November 1st and 30th to qualify.

The winning video will win a Kindle Fire and will be placed on UNITED SIKHS and NIOS websites for use in classrooms across the country and the world.

We will create a composite of the videos for use in classrooms. Lesson plans will be designed so classrooms can learn about Sikh culture and discuss making their environment welcoming to Sikhs

all students. We will also include additional extension activities for students to learn more about Sikh culture. Videos will be featured and award winners will be recognized on the UNITED SIKHS and NIOS websites.
To apply and for more information, please visit UNITED SIKHS anti-bullying initiative. UNITED SIKHS have initiated projects to illuminate the pervasiveness of bullying in Sikh community and importance of addressing bullying as a civil rights issue. Please see the report at www.unitedsikhs.org/docs/UNITED-SIKHS-Bullying-Prevention.pdf
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Jatinder Singh


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