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Poetry Vich Duniya Kahe AAya

Aug 28, 2012
Postscript: These are the Punjabi lyrics to a video on the SIKHInspiration site from May. The video no longer shows up on the daily facebook feed. You may have to page back to find the connecting upload. spnadmin

Ek vaar Chota jeha Bacha apne Gareeb jehe Daddy nal Mela dekhan gaya..

Mele vich bacha har ek cheej Laina Choundha c..
Us Bache ne apne Daddy nu keha,
''Daddy,. Oh dekho kini Sohni Car hai,
Menu ohlai deo''

Ohde Daddy kol Paise nahi san..
Fir v

Oh Bache di Ungil Farh k turi gaye..

Bache ne hor V bahut Kuch Mangeya..

Ohde Daddy ne ohnu kuj V na lai k dita...

Bache nu apne Dad te bahut Gussa Aageya c....

Bache di Ungil chhut Gai....Bacha Gawaach Gea..,

Oh Ik Dukaan Lagge khadda ho ke Raun lag pya..,
Ik Aadmi ne ohnu chup kraun lai Toys lai k dite...

Oh Bache ne keha ki menu sirf apne Daddy Chahide Ne..

Dekh lawo kina fark hai..

Ohi Bacha Har ik Toy laina Choundha si
Apne Daddy te Gussa kar reha c....

Baadch Ohi Munda kuj v nahi laina Choundha c
Apne Daddy nu labh reha c......

Is Story da asli Theme Eh hai ki

Asi Saare Insaan..

Apne Daddy matlab ki RABB di Ungil Farh ke
Eh Duniya da mela dekhn aaye haan....

Sanu Ajey Apne Daddy (RABB) di kadar nahi....

Sada Dhyaan Ajey Sirf Duniya dia Cheeja te hai..,

Pta Te us Din Laggna
Jis Din RABB ne Ungli Chhad deni..


Sanu Vi Duniya di Koi Cheej ni Changi lagni
Asi Sirf
Apne pita..
Apne Rabb nu labhange.....


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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Thread has been moved from Inspirational Stories to Punjab/Poetry subforum. English is the official language of the forum. There is however a place here for Punjabi language articles. We do welcome literature in Punjabi. Thank you.

inder preet

Jun 11, 2013
its really a great story inspiring us to love our lord and to fulfil our goals for which lord has send us in this world,and we should never leave our lords hand and just try to be always with our lord.

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