1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Vast Differences Between Jallianwala Bagh And 1984 Bluestar

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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
This scholarly article explores the vast differences between what happend in jallinwallah bagh in 1920 and Operation Blustar 1984...


Major differences:

1. Jallinwallah bagh - an INDIVIDUAL British Officer acting ALONE and on his own...... 1984 Operation Bluestar a Planned GOI Operation

2. Jallinwallah bagh FIRING for 10 minutes...
1984 Operation bluestar ran for 6 DAYS - 144 HOURS ++

3. Jallinwala Fiirng a spur of the moment madness of a single officer...
1984 Op Bluestar a planned scheme carried out by the Highest
Commanding Officers and GOI in Delhi on a concerted basis.
Thousands of troop, air support, heavy cannons, Tanks etc
used on CIVILIANS in their THOUSANDS in a Holy Shrine.

4. Gen Dyer left the scene after he finished his bullets. he neither arrested nayone or caused nay dead bodies to be dishonoured

in 1984 The Army occupied the Darbar sahib after firing stopped, disposed of dead bodies without accountability, looted the premsies of valuables, historicla items, library books manuscripts etc, made thousands of CIVILIAN prisoners including women and children, tortured and killed many more. Troops continued occupation for a long time after ceasefire.

Comparing the two incidents one cna see the HATE and disgust filled 1984 Indian Authorities were far worse than alone angry/frustrated British Officer in 1920. YET the Indian Authorities have kept Jallianwlalh bagh memory ALIVE for past 80 years..in stark contrast with that of 1984 where they harp on forget forget forget.. What a FARCE.


Dec 4, 2011
Re: Vast differences between Jallinwala bagh and 1984 Bluestar

Great stuff and information.
Historically, most people think of Jallianwallaah bagh as a very horrific event with a unique place in history.
But, the eye opening information above makes one realise just how bad 1984 really was and how it is not exposed or talked about as a much more disgraceful horrific act!!


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Re: Vast differences between Jallinwala bagh and 1984 Bluestar

The Nazis are still hunted to this day for their crimes. And the people who caused 1984 sit comfortably in their homes. Worse there are Indians who call themselves Sikhs and are proud of India. How can you be Sikh and Indian? Even after partition, no special attention was given to save what was left of Punjab. Anyone with an opinion against the Sikhs were given special status and powers. The first Gurudwara of Sikhs, the Akaal Takht was attacked, innocents killed and legacy destroyed. Systematically Sikhs were killed and it is still not called a genocide by media or govt (yet we discover new sites of whole villages wiped out of Sikhs). Media like Jay Hind show mocks Sikhs and their fight for justice. Yet Sikhs in India are enjoying their daily lives. They go on with their daily lives, never aware of the issues. For they are getting enough to eat, they feel it is OK to go along as second class citizens. This 'dont care' attitude has crept corruption so deep in the mindset of Indians, that basically no one is free from it. People openly say they don't follow the inter-caste marriage directive of constitution. It's a shame on me if I cheer for India in any game.
Nov 23, 2010
Re: Vast differences between Jallinwala bagh and 1984 Bluestar

Another difference is that the British showed at least some remorse for their actions. The person in charge, Bridgadier General Dryer, was removed from his position and policies of the government were changed. I don't see that anything similar has happened with the Indian government

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