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Sikh News Uzbekistan Woman Married To Punjabi Alleges Harrassment


NAWANSHEHAR: An Uzbekistan woman, Pulatova Nargiza, 26, married to a local resident Harminder Kumar, has approached the district administration here seeking to get justice and charged her husband for fraud and maltreatment.
Narrating her tale of woes in a written submission to the Additional Deputy Commissioner Nawanshahr in the weekly 'Jan Sampark' programme of the administration here Tuesday, the woman said that she had married Harminder Kumar who used to visit Uzbekistan in connection with his business in 2002. Two girls-5 and 2 years old- were born out of this wedlock.
Sometime after their marriage, according to Pulatova, Harminder asked her to sell all her property in her country and accompany with him to India. She followed the advice of her husband and sold all her property there and came to India to live with him. Here in India, they purchased a house and two cars with the sale proceeds from her property, said Pulatova, adding that after sometime, her husband started quarrelling and maltreating her and one day while she was accompanying him to Nawanshahr to visit his parents, her husband allegedly beat her up on the way which led to some injuries to her teeth. She has already filed a report with Balachaur police in this regard, said the Uzbekistan woman who further accused her husband of even maltreating her children.
She even accused her husband of having married another woman and even staying with her in Chandigarh. Wearing the traditional Punjabi dress Salwar-Kameez, Pulatova Nagriza who can speak six other languages other than Punjabi, added that last Monday she approached the local office of the NRI Sabha and narrated her tale. The Sabha promised help and asked her to stay with a family in Malpur Arkan, near here. In fact, the Malpur Arkan family and the Sarpanch and a panch of Kariha village accompanied her here today when she appeared before the ADC.
Besides seeking justice for herself and her children, she has expressed her desire to go back to her country. For this she has requested that their passports, marriage certificate and the birth certificates of their children which were allegedly in possession of her husband, be made available to her.
Currently on a five year visa to India, Pulatova told media persons that she had earlier stayed in India from 2002 to 2004. They returned to India for good in November 2006. Interestingly, parents-in-law of Pulatova too were present when the Uzbekistan woman made her representation. Her father-in-law Chand Kishan, resident of Kothi Road here, in his representation said that he had already disinherited his son way back in 1990s. "In the NRI Sabha I had agreed to provide for three tickets and 1,000 American dollars in cash in order to ensure the safe return of my daughter-in-law and her two daughters," said Chand Kishan, adding that her daughter-in-law instead chose to stay with the Malpur Arkan family on the advice of some NRI Sabha members.
Meanwhile SSP B.Chander Shekhar to whom the case was sent by the ADC, after listening to the tale of the affected woman, asked DSP Nawanshahr Dilbagh Singh Pannu to enquire in to the matter and report and meanwhile arrange for sending the woman and her children to Nariniketan in Jalandhar after approaching SDM Nawanshahr in the matter.