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SALDEF Utah Establishment Apologizes To Sikh American Denied Entry


Jun 1, 2004
The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), the nation’s oldest and largest Sikh American civil rights and advocacy organization, received a formal apology from Club Habits after denying entry to Mr. Harpreet Singh Multani, a turban wearing practicing Sikh American, because their ‘no-hats’ policy.

Mr. Multani tried to gain entrance into Club Habits on July 14, 2007 with several companions. The doorperson subsequently denied Mr. Multani entry to the Salt Lake City establishment because of the ‘no-hats’ policy. According to a Club spokesperson, many employees were not aware of the religious significance of certain headcoverings, including the turban, hijab, and yarmulke. SALDEF is working with Club Habits to educate their employees.

“I want to extend sincere apologies to Mr. Multani, [for] this unfortunate misunderstanding”, said Richard Golden, attorney for Club Habits. “There was no offense intended, and the club has modified its dress code policy.”
Additionally, the no hats policy has been amended and now states, “People wearing religious mandated and protected head coverings will be allowed entrance to Habits.” Additionally, all members of the management team and front door staff have been required sign a statement indicating that they are aware and fully understand the revision.

“We are pleased Club Habits has taken steps to change their policy to accommodate religious headgear,” said Kavneet Singh SALDEF Managing Director. “Club Habits serves as an example that progressive businesses can take to solve problems of accommodation in a such a diverse nation as ours.”

“I thank SALDEF for taking steps to educate the community about the importance of the turban,” said Mr. Multani. “I would not have been able to take on this issue without their help.”

If you believe you have been denied access or been subject to any form of harassment due to your faith, please report it immediately through our ONLINE FORM or contact SALDEF directly or via email.



Sep 18, 2010
the 1st time it was probably an honest mistake on their part, but this is good that this business has now changed their policy.

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