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Christianity US Support Seen As ‘disaster’ For Christian Minority In Iraq

Jun 1, 2004
Christians and ethnic minorities face the most strategic imminent danger from insurgents, according to analysts meeting in Washington DC this week.

Jihadist forces aim is to eliminate from Iraq those they see as the kufr (unbelievers) from Iraq, says Middle East expert Walid Phares.

The claim came as representatives of Iraq's largest Christian minority, the Chaldo-Assyrians, plus leaders from Iraq's smaller ethnic minorities and human rights groups met on Capitol Hill to seek special recognition and protection from militants...


Jan 17, 2005
thats what happens when you get a bunch of extremist together that want to take advantage of a situation.
Muslims are not allowed to kill "kufr" for no apparent reasons... Osama Bin Laden and this little group of so called "muslim" Jihadist don't even know what they are preaching and are taking advantage of Muslims that can't make the right decision to join there little group and do dirty work. I'd like to see Osama Bin Laden or his children fight or do the acts of terrorism they get the rest of the people they recruite. These guys have bent the meaning of Jihad into something of a physical "holy war" when in fact a muslim can be in Jihad in a peaceful setting trying to get himself/herself religious and pray and be a REAL mulsim.

its pathetic how these goofs are taking advantage of such situations and hurting innocents.. some of these extremest are evening taking women in as hostisage.

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