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Learn Punjabi Urdu Letter Hay (Gol Hay Or Choti Hay)


Dec 19, 2012
The gol hay or choti hay (sounds like "hey" like "hey you, over there") (looks like a small circle in its isolated form) in my Shahmukhi chart is listed as a "Gol hay" which is a conflict with some other sources I have found online. Other sources have listed the Shahmukhi letter as a "Choti hay".

Note: This is not be confused with the "do chashmi hay" (or 2 eyed hay) which is referred to as "do chashmi hay" across all sources.

Both the "Gol hay" and the "Choti hay" have the same isolated form (small circle), however, their initial, middle and final forms are different. There may be some situations where these 2 hays are used to avoid ambiguity (used to spell words that sound the same, but have different meanings simply because of the different spelling, but this is just a guess).

So to reiterate, I simply want the name for that letter. You can look at this Shahmukhi chart here and see they call it a "gol hay" => http://www.apnaorg.com/shahmukhi/

and here they call it a "choti hay" => http://www.omniglot.com/writing/punjabi.htm#shahmukhi

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
The PUNJABIS of Indian Punjab have literally lost a HUGE CHUNK of Vocabualry when they denied URDU and declared it a "Muslim" language...Modern Punjabi has so many Urdu/f{censored}e derived words...its a shame that we carved up Languages based on our religious prejudices...but lately both isdes of the border seem to be getting into the act..the Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi STREAMS are gathering strength..day by day..and PUNJABI is getting enriched...Punjab will soon be the Land of the SEVEN Rivers..sapat dariyahs..AGAIN...
Pre 1950...URDU was officially taught in all PUNJAB SCHOOLS..slowly it stopped being taught and by now has completely disappeared form Indian Side...being replaced by SANSKRIITISED HINDI which is not a common language at all...(HNDOSTANI is more common mans language )


Dec 19, 2012
I do hope this post does not create technical problems for anyone, but I need to show everyone the different forms of "hay" (or he or similar) in Arabic extended (meaning the complete character library).

ہ ہ* *ہ* *ہ Gol Hay گول ہـے ،‏
ه ه* *ه* *ه Choti Hay چهوٹی هے

Now you can see the different forms. These are 2 different letters. Shahmukhi has a "single eyed hay" and a "2 eyed hay" (do chashmi hay). Therefore they "single eyed hay has to be either a Gol Hay or Choti Hay.

Nevermind, the characters don't display properly.


Dec 19, 2012
No worries, I will just go with "choti he" because that is what Urdu readers/writers know it as. If I write/type/read a word and recognize the difference, then I will call it as I see it (either gol he or choti he).

The reason I wanted the name of that letter is because when I spell words to a Punjabi speaker (who writes in Urdu), I want to be able to spell correctly and not confuse anyone.

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