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Sikh News Unwittingly Stirring Up A Controversy Brimming With Passion

Jun 1, 2004
Unwittingly stirring up a controversy brimming with passion

By MARY JO MELONE, Times Staff Writer
Published September 20, 2004

Sometimes, writing a column is like bumping into a wasps nest. You have no idea what you'll stir up. Such was the case Wednesday, when I told the plight of a man facing deportation to his native India, where he fears he will be arrested and killed by police. Paramvir Singh Chattwal, who is of the Sikh faith, is convinced that he will fall victim to a long-running government campaign against the Sikh minority in India.

I quoted him saying that, and the e-mails came hot and heavy, from Indian immigrants who believed I had maligned their native country and misstated conditions there. What planet was I living on, they wanted to know.

"The story frankly outraged many of us," said Vasudha Narayanan, a religion professor at the University of Florida.

Narayanan said I unfairly portrayed India "as a country with no human rights."

Some assumed Chattwal was a criminal making up a story, seeking political asylum in a desperate attempt to avoid India's poverty.

A University of South Florida graduate student, Parshuram B. Zantye, of Tampa chimed in.

Full Articles... http://www.sptimes.com/2004/09/20/Columns/Unwittingly_stirring_.shtml
Jul 13, 2004
My personal experiences keep India at the highest esteem as far as sikhs presence at top positions in different sectors and their reputation are concernced. Every country has own good and bad points, but while discussions about better countries, people tend to highlight negative points of India, and best points of other countries, and then do the comparison based on those criteria. Sometimes, I wonder if that kind of comparisons are even valid ones?

Including Mary, there are majority of people including those in sikh and non-sikh community within and outside India, who lack an understanding of Indian affairs, and continue bashing.

Yes, as the column writer observed, this episode acted as 'a window on how elusive that thing called peace can be.'



Jun 27, 2004
brampton, canada
wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh,

ask these people which minority(sikhs,muslims,christians,dalits,tribals) have human rights in india?
Why Indian Govt. dont allow amnesty international in punjab?
why they dont want UNO interference or any third part mediation in Jammu and Kashmir?
why the perpetrators of 1984 genocide of sikhs are sitting in parliament?
why dont they explain the massacre of sikhs in chattisingpura?


Jul 26, 2004
New Delhi, India
what i feel that sometimes tht it is the anarchy of affairs and the failure of judicial system but if we see on the whole there is such a huge population surviving.. and single isolated incidents keeps on happening always around the world..and those incidents shouldnt be used as prameters to judge the country.
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