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United Sikhs United Sikhs’ Disaster Relief Aid Distributed To 1000 Villagers Affected By Typhoon In Philippines


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

United Sikhs’ Disaster Relief Aid distributed to 1000 villagers affected by Typhoon in Philippines

By Parmjit Singh


Panay Islands, Philippines: According to a newsletter by the United Sikhs, a US based Sikh NGO, it has provided food aid to a 1000 villagers of Panay islands in Philippines. According to United Sikhs: [t]he impact is real, the loss is real and so is the huge task of assisting the people of Philippines to get their life back.

As per information the United Sikhs team visited 7 different villages in the Antique province of Panay Islands where we were able to provide food aid containing coffee, milk, sugar, milo, cereal, biscuits, toothpaste and sanitizer.

“The cost so far is over $15,000 and there is lots to be done. The estimated cost for distributing food to surrounding areas is $30,000”, the United Sikhs informs in its newsletter, which further reads as: “Our team leaders Rishiwant Singh and Kiranjit Singh along with Gurpreet Singh of Khalsa Diwan Inc, Manila reported they are humbled by the gratitude and acceptance of the people of Philippines”.

Rishwant Singh said, “These are the true Sikhs, living in Chardi Kala.”

The NGO has appealed its supporters to donate for carrying out more humanitarian aid in the Typhoon hit Philippines.


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