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United Sikhs UNITED SIKHS AID Team Assists In Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts Highlights

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
UNITED SIKHS AID Team Assists in Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

  • First UNITED SIKHS Aid Team arrived in Moore, Oklahoma to Assess
  • UNITED SIKHS Aid Team are on ground with emergency supplies
  • Donate to help those in need

Moore, Oklahoma – UNITED SIKHS AID is providing humanitarian relief to the survivors of deadly tornado that killed 24 people and injured 237 as reported by authorities. UNITED SIKHS Aid team will survey the area on Friday, May 24th, and start distributing hot meals to the victims in sheltered homes. Thursday, May 23rd, 2013, the first disaster relief team of four members; Balwant Singh, Satnam Singh, Dalbir Singh, and Baljinder Singh; were on their way from Seattle, Washington, to the tornado stricken area in Moore, Oklahoma, to provide a full report on what is needed to help the victims of this act of nature.

More volunteers will join this team of 4 over the weekend along with a second team already created and set to arrive early in the week. Volunteers are needed, so if you want to join UNITED SIKHS Aid Team, click here.

Sikh Gurdwara of Oklahoma City has agreed to assist UNITED SIKHS in the relief efforts. Jessie Singh Sandhu, President Sikh Gurdwara of Oklahoma City said " We support UNITED SIKHS tornado relief efforts and provide assistance in the humanitarian initiative in OK". They will allow volunteers to use the kitchen facility to prepare hot meals for distribution.

Please send all items to the UNITED SIKHS base camp in Oklahoma:
Sikh Gurudwara of Oklahoma
4525 NW 16th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

The first UNITED SIKHS AID disaster relief team in Oklahoma; Balwant Singh, Satnam Singh, Dalbir Singh, and Baljinder Singh

Thousands of your fellow citizens are in desperate need and stranded in shelter homes without having access to basic necessities. There continues to be a persistent and ongoing demand for basic needs. Please keep supporting our efforts and donate graciously so we can continue to deliver help to all in need.

Here is how you can help:
  • Donate
  • Volunteer your physical energy and time
  • Doctors/Nurses needed
  • Donate medical supplies, non-perishable items, emergency supplies and cleaning supplies
“UNITED SIKHS is committed to assist in the emergency recovery of survivors and our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families," Kuldip Singh, UNITED SIKHS.”

UNITED SIKHS would also like to thank all our supporters who have been donating their time, money and efforts towards this noble cause.
For more recent and updated information on UNITED SIKHS AID efforts and projects, click here.

Issued By:
Gurvinder Singh
Phone-1-888-243-1690, 1-646-315-3909


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