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Uk Clocks Go Back

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I hate it when the clocks go back, I can never remember which the way they go, and normally end up 2 hours out of sync with everyone else, My butcher friend seems more at peace with himself today, I have all his baby clothes, pram, and assorted baby stuff here in my shop, my wife has managed sell 2 bags to a friend of hers, the pram is on ebay.

    The other twin 'died' for a short time on saturday, but seems to be pulling through, I cannot help but admire my friend for the way he is pulling through, he was back to his old self making bad jokes today, I hope he is going to be ok.

    I have not seen my nigerian friend for a while now, the last time I saw him, he had his head in his hands and was asleep on his desk, mumbling something about twice a day being ridiculous, well I wouldn't know anymore!

    We all congregated on my parents house yesterday, my mum and dad shortly go back to India, my mother took some photos of our wives, they have never been to India, and have never met any of the 'family'.

    My dad had printed out the interpretation I had made of japji Sahib and framed it, I was quite lost for words, he seemed proud and pleased, there is nothing like seeing pride and pleasure in your parents eyes, I hope it in some way makes up for the disappointment I have given him over the years, We spoke about the five thieves, Dad, once again maintained that he never and still does not have urges from them, and was in relative peace. Earlier in the car on the way down, I debated the concept of personality traits being passed down through generations with my wife, I know my dad's elder brother married an english lady, and was a bit of a 'lad', so maybe it skipped a generation, however I do firmly believe that we are born with a certain amount of instincts and desires, I suppose that would imply that fate existed, not so much specific actions but certainly the way in which individuals approached life. The concept of getting your thieves to work for you intrigues me, I have a hazy concept of how it could work, but I am not sure if that hazy concept is the way in which it should be approached, and the frustrating thing is that no one can explain it to me, it is something that has to be worked out, to enable one to have that wow moment., I am sure if I keep debating it in my head, I will have that wow moment, but again, it will be specific to me and my situation, life eh.....

    Oh well, its been confirmed, the medication my wife is on for stress has caused certain parts of her body and drive to shut down, this became more apparent to me during my cuddles phase, so it looks like I am now permanently Mr Cuddles, as if her drive is gone, I feel it is only fair I put my drive on the backburner, this is easier said then done, but also not as ghastly as first imagined, I am planning things to do at the weekend, cinema trips, she has remarked that I am behaving like I did when we first met, romantic and gentle, rather than lusty.

    So Mister lust thief, after many many years of being appeased and having made many deals with you, it appears there is no room at the inn for you anymore. My wife has made it clear we should use this time wisely, but not not kill Mister Lust thief, rather use the week as Mr Cuddles and then satisfy Mr Lusty at the weekends, I am not sure if this what is meant by using the thieves for good, but I am willing to give it a go...
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