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Two Years Later


Mar 17, 2021
Two years ago I was working as a carpenter; framing a gurdwara and renting a room in the basement of a Sikh family. I was agnostic with Buddhist leanings. Trying to understand the religion of the family I was renting from and the people I was building a temple for, I kept referring to SikhiWiki. I was moved by the beliefs held in Sikhi but still had no concept of Higher Power.

I began feeling the push and pull of an Inner Guide that slowly opened my eyes to higher realities and was guided through stages of exploring different religions and concepts that primed me to understand Sikhi, I could never believe that the path was by chance, I firmly believe that a greater intelligence helped me in order for me to start on the path of Sikhi.

Well, yesterday I attended the gurdwara that I helped frame in order to participate in Nitnem. I feel spiritually fed like I never have!

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