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Sikh News Two Die In Punjab Honour Killing


Apr 4, 2005
A newly wed woman and her mother-in-law were brutally murdered by the bride’s family members in what appears to be an honour killing in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district late on Tuesday night.

Gurveen Kaur (19), her husband Amarpreet Singh (22) and her mother-in-law Kuljit Kaur were attacked by Gurveen’s relatives with swords and other sharp-edged weapons as they were asleep at home in Bahmaniwala village.

The women died on the spot but Amarpreet, who works at a mobile phone repair shop, escaped with injuries and is battling for life in a hospital in Amritsar, the police said.

Though there was no caste angle to the murder, the trio was attacked as the couple had a civil marriage three months ago without the approval of Gurveen’s family, who are into farming.

Tarn Taran SSP Preetpal Singh Virk told HT, “This certainly looks like an honour killing. Although the couple had got married in court, the girl’s family, especially the father, had agreed to the marriage. But one of her uncles was against the marriage and that led to this incident. We have booked the accused and a hunt is on to nab them.”

The attackers included Gurveen’s father, two uncles, three cousins and some unidentified men, the police said.

As Amarpreet ran away from the spot, the assailants chased and fired at him. He was wounded in the arm and shot in the stomach.

Amarpreet’s relative Nirbhay Singh told Hindustan Times, “Although the couple had married in court, things were fine afterwards and the marriage was solemnised again in a gurudwara. Both sides attended that marriage. We fail to understand how this happened suddenly.”

Amarpreet’s father, Baljit Singh, an assistant sub-inspector with the Government Railway Police, was not at home when the family was attacked.

Amarpreet could not be contacted as he was in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital after undergoing surgery.
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Apr 4, 2005
The guy in this case is turbaned so there was not even questioon of mona/turabned.Girls like gurveen kaur that are willingly marrying turbaned guys should have been be role model for sikh community.Unfortunately they are killed by their own parents

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
It is a dishonour killing. It is nothing but a tribal mentality which has nothing to do with Sikhi ideals but Sikhi becomes the pawn because of the people's outer appearance.

Do not stand out if you can not be outstanding.

What a shame!

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