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Turn Your Face To Me Lord

Mar 11, 2007
karvat bhalaa na karvat tayree.
I would rather be cut apart by a saw, than have You turn Your back on me.
laag galay sun bintee mayree. ||1||
Hug me close, and listen to my prayer. ||1||
ha-o vaaree mukh fayr pi-aaray.
I am a sacrifice to You - please, turn Your face to me, O Beloved Lord.
karvat day mo ka-o kaahay ka-o maaray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Why have You turned Your back to me? Why have You killed me? ||1||Pause||
ja-o tan cheereh ang na mora-o.
Even if You cut my body apart, I shall not pull my limbs away from You.
pind parai ta-o pareet na tora-o. ||2||
Even if my body falls, I shall not break my bonds of love with You. ||2||
ham tum beech bha-i-o nahee ko-ee.
Between You and I, there is no other.
tumeh so kant naar ham so-ee. ||3||
You are the Husband Lord, and I am the soul-bride. ||3||
kahat kabeer sunhu ray lo-ee.
Says Kabeer, listen, O people:
ab tumree parteet na ho-ee. ||4||2||35||
now, I place no reliance in you. ||4||2||35||
(484-9, Awsw, Bgq kbIr jI)
Mar 11, 2007
Absolutely Brother !! Kabirji Told His Story In Gurbani About His Journey Towards Waheguruji.....how His Way Blocked By Maya And How He Throw The Mala And Said (eh Maala Apani Leejay...bhukhe-aan Bhagti Naa Hoi ).waheguruji Gave Him His Hand And Then He Did More Simran And Got The Almighty.......he Suffered A Lot And Put In Front Of Elephant.....throw In Ganga River....but Waheguru Helped Him....

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