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Truth Is Death And Living Is A Lie

Jun 1, 2004
Guru Nanak ji told Mardana to go into town and purchase truth. Mardana spent the whole day going from merchant to merchant, trying to purchase truth. Every merchant turned him away and said they did not have it. Finally—feeling very sad—he was ready to return empty handed, when Mardana noticed a small store on the edge of town. He went into the store to speak with the merchant and asked him if he could purchase truth. The merchant replied, "Truth is death and living is a lie." Mardana was excited to have finally found a merchant who claimed to have truth, and he rushed back to Guru Nanak to tell him. Guru Nanak confirmed that what the merchant said is true. Life is illusion and death is inevitable, for it is in death that we return to our true Creator.


Jul 10, 2005
Calgary Alberta
Re: Truth is death and Living is a lie

If living is meaningful or we live meaningfully, then 'returning to the creator' would have meaning too. Therefore, if Guru Nanak said, "Living is a lie" or 'an illusion' he has to be wrong because if living was a lie, then 'returning to the creator' would become meaningless too.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Re: Truth is death and Living is a lie

Beena said:
If living is meaningful or we live meaningfully, then 'returning to the creator' would have meaning too. Therefore, if Guru Nanak said, "Living is a lie" or 'an illusion' he has to be wrong because if living was a lie, then 'returning to the creator' would become meaningless too.
Thats not what is meant...LIVING is what everyone wants to DO FOREVER....wittness the search for longevity potions, wonder drugs that retard Ageing, make your hair regrow, change colour from grey to black, youthful creams and beauty treatments..NO ONE...really wants to Grow OLD ( and thus admit he is going to DIE)... Wittness how the Ancient Egyptians tried to "defeat Death" even when Physically building PYRAMIDS and such so that they will continue to "live on" even after they are dead...people want to GET perpetuate their LEGACY ( continue to live after death )...everything people do is BASED on this ...HOW TO "ESCAPE" DEATH..the INEVITABLE....people are willing to pay millions for the BEST DOCTORS, Plastic Surgeons..for what ?? to DELAY the INEVITABLE..until the very last moment....when everything else FAILS and DEATH WINS..THAT is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Guur nanak ji is trying to tell us that the INEVITABLE DEATH...PREPARE for RETURNING TO THE CREATOR....not try to PROLONG what is END to lIFE as we know it...on this World.

DEATH is the TRUTH we all have to matter if we are "SON OF GOD" or PROPHET, or CEO, or PRESIDENT, or the Beggar on the street corner. Even those "revived from the dead" are LONG that "revival" was TEMPORARY...Modern Doctors do that sometimes when they place Electric Shocks on the chest of a heart attack person..and he wakes up..BUT he will DIE one day !!!

People always try to "run away from the TRUTH" as it is BITTER....who wants the TRUTH ?? NO ONE.Every body wants to live the LIE..until GOD leaves one NO CHANCE....Death comes BREAKING OPEN EVERY DOOR...YOU cannot HIDE from DEATH...not on the highest mountain...even in SPACE..on the deepest Ocean Floor, buried in the deepest pit..When GOD CALLS..YOU GO - INSTANTLY..NO BUTS and NO IFS. THAT is the MESSAGE of this Sakhi from the life of Guru Nanak Ji SAHIB.

I find it rather interesting that some religions PROMISE the HEAVENS to be quite SIMILAR to this EARTH....Rivers FLOWING with HONEY and WINE, BEAUTIFUL DAMSELS, GOLD PALACES.... all this is "something" everyone DREAMS of getting here on EARTH..but only the Rich and Powerful manage to ATTAIN PERHAPS the religious leaders thought showing this DREAM can be "attained in HEAVEN" is like showing the carrot to a ******..a Clever way of enticing people to LIVE ON..even after DEATH has claimed their bodies...which everyone knows is if you cant get it matter just beleive in ME and I will get you all that in HEAVEN...seems to me is this message of "hope" ?? OF course the "hope" remains a hope as NO ONE has ever "come back" from this Heaven to tell the TRUTH. Further more the "rivers of wine/honey and beautiful DAMSELS..sounds like a MAN's DREAM to me...those that DRINK AWAY in the company of beautiful dancing girls... Which senbsible WOMAN would DREAM such a DREAM or be SWAYED by this PROMISE ???

SIKHE of GURU NANAK makes NO SUCH tells the STARK TRUTH..O man/Woman..LIVE this LIFE according to the Laws of GOD...or you will INEVITABLY DIE..and then the CREATOR will deal with you accordingly. Sikhe's Heaven and Hell are BOTH on this EARTH. Every moment we Sikhs spend AWAY from the Yaad of WAHEGURU is HELL and every moment spent in His Memeory (REMEMBERING HIM) is HEAVENLY BLISS...we ask of nothing more than be given the chance to REMEMBER GOD all the time as far as possible.

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