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Trench Warfare

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    there is nothing wrong with a good trench, the challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to fight the war, using the truth only as shield, lance, sword, it defends you, it attacks the enemy, but even with the truth in your armoury, there is nothing like a good trench, nothing like a bit of trench warfare to get the blood moving.

    I am fortunate, I feel no fear, for that I have my Sikhi to thank for, in terms of self help, support, motivation, and damned good cheer you cannot beat it, although I guess some would call it something completely different, to me its a state of mind, rather than something I do, I have no time for prayer, or mumbling, or listening to Shabads, the message has been clearly outlined in Mool Mantra, I cannot see what singing about it is going to achieve, in fact, seeing as I have only had 4 hours sleep, I have to confess that the reality is that singing rather than doing, to be seems one of the biggest insults going, but ask me when I am out of the trench and I would probably see things different.

    I look around my trench, no motivational pictures on the wall for me, no beads to hold, no lotus feet to kiss, only the absolute belief that I can win, I can do this, and even if I cant win, if I cant do this, I will give it a bloody good bash,so where does god fit in, well god does not, if life is a chess game then god is the rules,

    When you play blackjack, by law, all casinos in the UK must display an advisory on the table that explains what your best chances of winning are, when to take a card, when not to, what to split and when to double, if you play by the rules, you have the best chance of winning, so why doesn't everyone just sit down and play by the rules? because its boring, there is no passion, its not even gambling, its dull, a bit like life, don't speed, don't smoke, don't drink, don't ***** about, don't shoot up, its not a religion, its a compilation of some of the best survival rules ever written, together with a tutorial in how to survive life, how to know yourself, to know your heart, know who you are, what you are about, as dirty Harry once said, a mans got to know his limitations, and the only way you can know that is to know yourself (for sexual equality purposes the quote was lifted from a film, and obviously applies to all genders)

    So today, the sun is rising, no fear, we may fail, but we fail trying and giving it everything to the point that failure is not even failure, its just another day at school

    lets ride!
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