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To/For Anyone Interested In Nihangs

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahegru ji ki Fateh. About a year or two back I came across this video and loved it so much I watched it like 8 times. For whatever reason I never thought about posting it on here but today I did.. and I'm going to.. so here it is.. enjoy.

Some of you may already be aware of the video but for those that aren't
Knight of God -Sikh Baba Hari Singh This is the link. Hari Singh, Knight of God
Indeed, I am very poor with the Panjabai language but do I notice a few misinterpretations with some of the translators, trying to translate the Nihangs and villagers dialect. That and like you said there are some other historical and philisophical problems with the video. But! I still enjoy it :) like you said the general message is inspiring, and I like watching them do their demonstrations. I also like the way they visualy captured many of the Gurdwaras and I like the way they show the general day to day life of the Nihangs. It could be better though. Mabey I'll make my own documentary on Nihangs Muhahaha:seriousmunda:


1947-2014 (Archived)
One thing that they reported throughout the video and it is something that is rarely reported in other articles and videos winkingmunda Nihangs take in little boys, some are orphans, and give them a better life, an exciting life for a boy, than they would otherwise have. I am thinking of Yoga in that video. The cherish those children.

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