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World War 2 To All The Brave Sikhs, All 88,000 Of The Fallen


Nov 8, 2010
for the brave Sikhs that fought for freedom. On this day in the UK when we remember the brave who died for our freedom, we remember the Sikhs who fought side by side to defeat evil.

sikh WW - YouTube


Sep 8, 2011
I am looking for information on 3-4 major actions where Sikh soldiers played an important role. Plan is to convert these stories into comic books. We have picked the Battle of Saragarhi as the first one to work on. It is due to be released by the end of November.


Nov 8, 2010

Battle of Moodkee
General Gough’s hard won victory over the Sikh army
of Lal Singh; the opening battle of the First Sikh War.

and The battle of Saragarhi fought by 36th Sikh (now 4 Sikh) in 1897, is an epitome of Valour, Courage, Bravery and Sacrifice. Havildar Issar Singh with 21 Other Ranks made the supreme sacrifice repulsing 10,000 of the enemy. This sacrifice was recognised by the British Parliament, when it rose to pay its respects to these brave young soldiers. All 22 were awarded the Indian Order of Merit (IOM), the then highest decoration for the Indian soldiers. This 'Kohinoor' of the Sikh Regiment is one of the ten most famous battles of the world. Even to this date, this battle forms part of the school curriculum in France. 12 September 1897, the day of the Battle of Saragarhi is celebrated as the Regimental Battle Honours Day.

try Amandeep Singh Madra & Parmjit Singh, Warrior Saints: Three Centuries of the Sikh Military Tradition (New Delhi, 1999)
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