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Tired, Hungry, Cold

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I should be tired, hungry and cold, but I am not, the last three weeks have been non stop working, I cant even remember what the dogs look like, Sian is keeping them company while I sleep, Bran came up, or it could have been Rory, not sure, whoever it was gave me a big kiss and tried to get in the bed, so it must have been Bran, the days have started at 7 and finished at 8 or 9, I am hardly eating, I have no appetite, I prance about the shop in my sesame stree t shirt, I should be cold, but I am not, Tom, my stepson keeps me company most of the day, with his cups of tea and monty python clips, he is really really coming on, he can strip a laptop in 20 mins, and then put it back together, and there are no screws left over,
    for his sake, for all our sakes, the shop needs to be turned into a 'proper shop' rather than harrys playground, so thats what I have been doing for 3 weeks, hopefully, it finishes today, and I am going to leave here at 1 and go home and take the dogs for the longest walk ever, and then I will cook Roast chicken for my boy and my wife, and then I am going back to sleep.

    We had a chap come in the shop last week, his laptop needed a new fan, I quoted him $50, however, when I had a closer look, all the plastics, the palm rest and the base were in quite a bad state, so I quoted him another $25 to buy the plastics second hand and offered to fit them free (fan repair means stripping anyway, (the laptop not me)), anyhoo, he came to pick it up, and threw an almighty wobbler, it was fine, and in one piece, but the palm rest plastic had the word 'pro' missing. this apparantly was not good enough, so I offered to put his old lid back on, nothing was good enough, in the end, he inisted we undo all our work, restore it to how it was, and give him a complete refund, then he left, Tom was furious, the chap was very officious, I can make you do this, he had said, I really did not have the time for all this, so when he came back, we had glued his top on, but left all the work we did, he came in, and I tried to see if we could save the situation, look I said, its all working, with your 'pro' word there, so how much shall we call it, he looked at tom, what do you think, he said, this was when Tom absolutely surprised me, 'all we want is for you to be happy, its not about the money, its about you, if your happy, then youve paid us $40, leave the rest, ' I was gobsmacked, this was not my stepson speaking, the chap started to look angry, ' you are playing with my morals', and the more tom was nicer to him, the angrier he got, not really angry, just his expression, in the end Tom got up, shook his hand and said, there you go, have it on us, and if you ever have further problems call us. he shook toms hand, scowled and left, at which point we both burst out laughing

    I have never been a father before, or even a husband, but its growing on me,
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