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Controversial Throw Out Badals From Punjab & SGPC, Says SAD (Longowal)

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Archived_Member16, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Throw out Badals from Punjab & SGPC, says SAD (Longowal)

    PATIALA : Shiromani Akali Dal (Longowal) has given call to throw out the present Akali government from the power.

    The party president and Tamil Nadu Governor’s wife Surjit Kaur Barnala has said that present set up of power has ruined the economy of Punjab and created a mess in the state and situation like anarchy prevailed.

    She said that father son combination has been created confusion in the state civil and police administration as both has been giving contradictory statements on various vital issues.

    Addressing an impressive gathering at Puda ground in urban estate organized by SAD(L)’ youth wing she said that that their party would be contesting the elections for all 170 seats of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) members.

    She said that her party has been exploring options to contest sgpc elections with likeminded parties to throw out SAD-badal from SGPC too.

    Surjit Kaur Barnala said organisational set up of the SAD (Longowal) would be finalised by the end of this month and party would be fielding candidates on all 170 SGPC seats.

    Notably, there are total 185 Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee members, out of which 15 are nominated and rest are elected. The elections for members of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee will be held later this year.

    Harwinder Singh Sarna, of SAD- delhi said that Badals have eroded the sikh traditions in state and SGPC and time has come to show them door from SGPC and government.

    Former Punjab Minister Baldev Singh Mann said Parkash Singh Badal had done “injustice” to the followers of Sant Longowal, like him. He said they would never compromise with Badal. He also said the SAD (Longowal) would contest SGPC elections.

    Others who have spoken on the occasion were Gagnjit Singh Barnala, Ranjit Singh Nikra etc.

    PunjabNewsline.com - Throw out Badals from Punjab & SGPC, says SAD (Longowal)

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  3. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    This is a very interesting development. But before comments, it would be helpful for people like me to have some background on SAD Longowal. And who/ what is Sant Lognowal?

    Is this a connected thread? http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/hard-talk/29701-throw-out-badals-punjab-sgpc-says.html#post123416

    We could be looking a something meaningful as far as Sikhism is concerned, a real alternative to what has been going on. Or this could be a case of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I am not sure.

    I attached some interesting conversation from Sikhnet on this subject.

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  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    Sant Longowal was a Sant brought in to Manage the Anti-Delhi Morcha..He was Morcha Dictator...a position given to ONE MAN who would be the Man in Charge of the Andolan/Morcha as was the Aklai Staretegy since 1920's..RAIL ROKO MORCHA to STOP all RAIL TRAFFIC in Punjab ( to stop punjab grains being taken outside Punjab etc ) and the Akali Dal initiative to reach a concesus with Indira Gandhi pre 1984....Sant Bhinderawallah was hovering in the background...then he moved to the Akal Takhat..and whatever happeend after that is history. Longowaal and Tohra etc came out of Darbar sahib Complex with Hands UP as Surrendering officials...while others died inside.
    Longowwal as Akali Dal President made an accord with rajiv under which Chandigarh and a few other demands were to be met by the Delhi Govt...Longowal was hated by few sikh groups as a sell out...and thus was assasinated by "SIKHS" in a GURDWARA while Matha Teking to SGGS. Later Rajiv BACKED out of the accord and nothing came out of it except the loss of Sant Longowal.
    A Splinter Akali Dal (Longowal) still exists and is a sidekick of the Barnala Group...allied with The Akali Dal (1920 Group), Manns Amrtisar Akali Dal...etc etc..
    A better and more comprehensive hostory fot he period is in Sangat Singhs history book..The Sikhs in History...(not available online but sold from Singh bros Amrtisar)
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