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Thousands Of Sikhs Protest For Innocent Sikhs


Jun 1, 2004
Thousands of Sikhs protest for INNOCENT Sikhs
Campaign led by Sikh Channel to save lives

Please support the cause: Save Sikhs In Dubai petition
More than 6500 persons have signed the petition. Have your say on this cause now!

Thousands of Sikhs protested outside Downing Street to defend the Human Rights of Sikhs facing the death penalty in the Middle East on May 16th. Approximately 10,000 Sikhs gathered on Richmond Terrace, some travelled from as far as Glasgow, travelling through the night, to show their support. The UAE court has fixed May 19th as the date for hearing the appeal filed by the 17 Indians against the capital punishment for the murder of a Pakistan national. The British government must now be given the correct facts about why British Sikhs want true justice. All Sikhs in the UK are urged to write to their MP, to appeal for Clemency, and save the lives of the 17 on Death Row. 17 young men, who went to Dubai to better their lives now face the death penalty. They are accused of committing a crime, the murder of a Pakistani man, but real justice will not be served with the murder of these young boys. The ‘accused’ were not arrested at the scene of the crime and their arrest is based on DNA evidence from their residence, which they had occupied once vacated by the assumed perpetrators who are believed to have fled after they committed the crime. None of these boys were identified by the brother of the deceased, an eye witness to the murder. Thousands of British Sikhs showed their support for these boys; who have had very little support from the international community. Standing outside Downing Street, in their thousands, British Sikhs want justice for these men, as well as for the murder of the Pakistani man. Taking the lives of 17 innocent men, used as scapegoats for a crime they did not commit must be stopped. They must also be given a fair trial. In a report written by Lawyers for Human Rights International, Sikh Channel - Bringing Millions of Sikhs Together , it is clear that the human and religious rights of these men have been taken away.

An online petition has thousands of signatures Save Sikhs In Dubai petition. Everyone is trying to save these men, but we need the support of our Government to really help them. Write to your MP now, and highlight how you request them to urge Clemency and a fair trial for these men.

Send your response to

Save Sikhs in Dubai - write to your MP


Aug 7, 2006
very good and very important post. but most of the political leaders going to dubai for this case are just doing it for some political gains. Some politicians has claimed that if they had not intervened the appeal for these 17 men was not possible but the fact is that for any accused persons (sentenced to life imprisonment or death sentence) its manadatory for the UAE public procecutors to file an appeal within fifteen days of the verdict. The appeal is being done automaticallly as per UAE law. The polictical leaders are just taking credit for filing appeal for their political gains.
Only one who can intervein effectively is Government of India, they should approach their counterparts for the clamacy request.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
This video is not loading either. I don't know what is going on in the past couple of days. There are more and more problems with media links.

If you cannot see the video, paste this link into your browser and watch it directly. First put in the http:// and then the www. followed by

I had to write this in a goofy way so that the same problem link would not post per usual. Apologies. BTW it is a very moving video.

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