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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I am attempting to tame a particular nasty thief, it is not working, I sat in the bath yesterday, and thought, hard, agitation is not a good thing, I decided to go looking for the thief known as Lust, it was not hard to find,

    me: We need to talk
    lust: Oh hello, thanks for stopping by
    me: what are your intentions?
    lust: I thought that was obvious, Im self destructing
    me: Your putting all your energy into self destruction?
    lust: yes, I have done everything I wanted to do, I have gambled, been intoxicated on every substance I have wished, explored every avenue of sexual play, I have had big houses, cars, women, there is nothing left I wish to do
    me: nothing excites you?
    lust:no, I'm bored, the only excitement left is to see how close to the edge I can stand
    me: What about the others?
    lust: They are all dead, you may have noticed you have no ego, pride, anger, attachment, and let me tell you, you are not better for it,
    me:so what now?
    lust: kill me too if you wish, but this is not the way of Sikhi, what you are about to discover is a living death, not enlightenment, anyone can kill.....
    me:what else can I do?
    lust: your asking me?, Im a thief, what the hell do I know
    me: You know something.....
    lust: I know when the last time you were truly happy, the last time you were truly YOU.
    me: when?
    lust: 4th December 1996, before you decided to kill the other thieves,
    me: I remember, I felt Alive
    lust: killing us, roping us, tying us up, taking our power away, all pointless, you have managed to do quite a lot of damage, we all have to come to an understanding, and WE all have to do what WE do, but in the spirit of Sikhi, only then can you move on from this agitated state, the trouble with you is that you are an extremist, it either has to be 3 bottles of wine and as many women to make a good night, or translating the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, there is a mid ground, where you feel alive, where you are in control, where we add to the party, not detract from it, use our positive qualities, use your brain to know when to draw the line, you need to find the others and bring them back, together we could achieve whatever it is you want.......

    I dried up and went to bed, Sian was working on her nurses stuff, I got in bed,

    me: You know we could do with a holiday, a nice holiday
    Sian: I do not wish to end up like those people that just live for holidays and have a drudge of a life in between, every day should be like a holiday
    me: yeah but a nice holiday, maybe another Range Rover, you know,
    Sian: When you need things to make you happy, I think its a slippery slope,

    She stroked Alfie and kissed Dan

    anway, what more could we have that would make us happy, we have everything
    me: yes dear........

    I turned over and decided to nap, my dear wife seems to have everything figured out, but I on the other hand, still need to do some more thinking
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