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They Call Me Mr Cuddles

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Hhahaha ok, 2 days and just cuddles, if my nigerian friend thinks he can win this one, he is sorely mistaken. My wife is confused/surprised, hell, I am confused/surprised, it is amazing once you suddenly free yourself from something just how liberating it can be. Normally, the deed is done, and we both turn over and sleep comes, individually, each of us facing away, probably like many other couples, but last night, we just held each other and fell asleep, and awoke still facing each other 3 hours later, it was actually more intimate than 'the deed'. I am finding myself noticing little things about my wife I had not noticed in a while, how pretty she is when she is sleeping, how all the animals seem to place themselves around her, but not in a protective stance, more in a 'hey dad, come and join us in a group hug' stance, I suppose normally I am trying to play an impossible game in attempting to shove them all off the bed, its like cutting the heads of a hydra, one just takes its place. But yesterday there we all were in harmony.

    Ambersarias posts on the first ten lines are incredibly enjoyable, and I am looking forward to completing the ten lines sometime in the next week, the effect of understanding the first three has been huge, even huger than I initially thought, my only worry now is that I am spending more time thinking about them than practicing them, so today, I will do another 16 hour day to make up for the amount of time yesterday I spent in thought and reading and those jobs that do not earn you money.

    I had a huge discussion this morning with my wife about what I had learnt so far, I explained that my interpretation of the hair issue is that being in consonance with creation surely meant keepinh hair, not out of fear, but purely out of desire. If that desire is not there, I do not see any point, what we are talking about here is a person who keeps every hair out of love for wholeness, or oneness, in that respect, I can now quite clearly see Gyanijis point that you must do it all, or it is not worth doing it by part. Creator does not make these rules, you are either at one, or not, either playing a natak, or living it, the object then, is not to grow your hair, but grow your mind till the hair flows and it is painful to cut even one.

    More importantly, you set the pace, and you should be happy with it, and never ever judge another, I was quite surprised by someone that thought it fun to criticise my dear bhenji Ishna, I do know of anyone more questioning or able than my little sister there, we live in a world where few of us are so open and honest about ourselves, this should be lauded not seen as a chink in armour, in my humble opinion, and on that point, I have only just realised that imho means in my humble opinion, I thought it means laughing my head off, which is why it has caused me much confusion on topics even I did not think were funny..

    I went to see my butcher friend last night, I needed to fit a new soundcard to his PC, he and his wife are incredibly brave people, there were a few tears, they have bought the coffin, it is tiny, the funeral is on Monday..

    This morning I had breakfast with my stepson at a cafe, they were just opening, I was still sleepy and in need of coffee, but no, thank you stepson, we first had to help the owners get all the chairs out and set the tables up, half way through, I thought I had done enough and sat down, to a glare from stepson, so I sighed and helped until everything was set, and then we sat down, and I helped him with his college work, I do enjoy playing daddy now and then, and I gave him a lift to college. I dropped him off near a bunch of kids around his age, but as he always does, he hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me he loves me, he is going to be a great soul, he has his mothers way
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