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Hard Talk There's No Such Thing As "sanatan Sikh", The Sooner We Realize The Better For The Kaum


The hindutva forces, it seems are in full force to subvert sikh identity by mish mashing it with hinduism .

Sanatan Sikh - Wikipedia

This article says , Sanatan Sikhs are orthodox Sikhs who were sidelined by the "Tat Khalsa" movement of the early 1900s. In doing so , it has demonized Tat Khalsa and gives a sort of credibility to Sanatan Sikhs which infact does not exist in the first place.

Either you're a sikh or a hindu, you can't be both. But apparently the baahman vaad just wants to create divisions in sikh kaum and then make the hinduized part take over the pure tat khalsa part.

It has happened before, it will happen again unless we're vigilant. Baahman rarely attacks himself, they set up proxies in the kaum to weaken it from inside

Harry Haller

Panga Master

unfortunately, I no longer care, sorry I have nothing to bring to the table anymore regarding Sikhism, so it will just be one liners from now on