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The World Is Sound

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by spnadmin, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Sometimes on a blog, you will see a link to the blog of another person. I was searching the net for anything about Bliss and Sikhism. I found the blog of Sat Darshan Khalsa.

    Sounds of Elevation

    The link below is an mp3 download entitled Silence by the River.

    River Sounds

    The audio file at first seems to be nothing. I even checked my audio to make sure it was not set to mute. In a while I heard rustling sounds, then boat sounds, then horns and a human voice -- but faint and tremulous, Silence!

    The blog page contains an almost empty photograph of a riverbank, Emptiness!


    A lot of the talk in the forums I belong to has been about Silence. Apparently many of us on the planet are tiring of the chatter. The Universe is afterall a noisy place. Radio telescopes on earth pick up the sounds of cats purring, traffic, and all kinds of noise from earth that bounces off the atmosphere and tumbles back to the planet. So we are caught between the coming and going of our own noise. No wonder it is hard to find our Center, to feel Bliss. Our birthright -- but for all the noise.

    Listen to the track, contemplate the riverside scene, cultivate Quiet -- if you can spare just a few moments. And read Sat Darshan's blog. A very insightful person, who shares his disappointment that we are separated from our inner Truth at so many turns in our days.

    Shshhhhh! Be still my Soul!
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