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The Wonderful Wizard Of Sachkhand

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Follow the yellow brick road,

    Dusk was settling along the winding yellow brick road as the four figures skipped to Sachkhand, arm in arm and singing a song

    'We're off too see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Sachkhand'

    Harry the Man, Harry the Wolf, Harry the Khalsa, and Harry the Clown. Skipping merrily along, the meeting has been set up by Harry the Khalsa, to meet the infamous Wizard of Sachkhand.After a while, they passed some munchkins eating aloo pronthas, and after eating, the munchkins asked where they were going. Harry the Man spoke first, 'we're going to see the wizard of Sachkhand, he is going to take away all my fears, and validate me, not just me, but all of me' Harry beamed, he seemed happier than for a long time, Harry the Clown then spoke ' he is going to take away all my anti isms, everything I have tried to conquer, I have just gone in the opposite direction, he is going to give me humility instead of anti pride/ego, unconditional ability to love, instead of expectation, and happyness instead of laughter', even Harry the wolf seemed happy, unusually, 'and to me, more sex', 'thats not strictly true is it Harry wolf', said the Khalsa, 'what I said he would do for you is make every pleasure for you as relevant as sex, walking the dogs, seeing a sunset, looking at your wife, your parents, 'Ah yes, I remember now, ' , the wolf beamed, 'I will be able to be as happy, looking at the Ocean, can't believe it for a second, but if it works, great'

    'And what of you Harry Khalsa', the munchkins asked, 'I just want to go home', said HK, 'and where is home' asked the munchkins, HK replied 'wherever my family, my brothers, and Waheguru is, and they are all content despite what life may throw at them, and accept the will of Waheguru'

    Finally they made it to Sachkhand, and once their, the Wizard was as good as his word, first Harry the clown, then Harry the Wolf, and then Harry himself all vanished. Harry the Khalsa looked different, he had managed to unite the clans, to absorb the fractured personalities, finally after 42 years, Harry was not only one, but in order, and aware of how the creator wished him to behave, to talk, to think, and to act. 'See this golden path Harry' said the wizard, 'this is the golden path of truth, you will be constantly bombarded with visions and smells and sounds that will try and make you leave the path, try your best to stay on it, listen to the wolf and the clown, to the wolf, all pleasure is now the same, he will enable you get pleasure from the smallest things, the clown will use his humour to get you through life, remember me, think of me, we will meet again one day, ' the wizard then gave Harry a Kirpan, kesh, khachera, Kanga and a Karra. 'The validation you seek lies within these five items, but they have to be earn't, you cannot just wear them, your heart needs to be pure, just as you enslaved yourself to your own will, now enslave yourself to mine, and be whole and free, wear these with pride, they will be a part of you, and then I will be you, and you will be me'
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