We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Balwant Singh Ji Dhillon of GNDU who spent 20 years clearing up Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur's name using contemporary/primary sources.
Dr. Dhillon, in a career spanning three decades, has unearthed numerous primary sources in Sikh history and lent new avenues to the world of textual studies. This episode covers:

(a) Banda Singh: Pre-Sikh past.

(b) Banda Singh: Meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji and initiation into the Khalsa.

(c) Banda Singh: Paterfamilias of the first Khalsa state.

(d) Banda Singh: Revolutionary social engineer.

(e) Banda Singh: Betrayal.

(f) Banda Singh: Appropriation by Hindu Mahasabha.

(g) Banda Singh: Defended by Sikhs.