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The Smart Khan ?

Dec 8, 2005
Dear brother


You must be wondering if I am obsessed with the muslims.

Well ther actions speak for themselves which are louder than our words.

This is an other eg of a successful Muslim .

See Amir khan shedding tears for the displaced Narmada dam residents. Are they real tears for the wounded Narmada outsee

What is his loci standi beside as an an actor /celebrity.

The PM did not utter a word when it was his primary duty.

If he feels so strongly about people to be displaced by waters of Narmada.

Why does he not feel the same about Kashmiri Hindus who have been displaced by the terrorist from there’s ancestors land .

He should also go and protest in Jammu seeking ther e rehablitation.

Also in big Movie hit Rang Basanti see the way he brings down a tall Punjabi Jatt farmer in a wrestling match . He in single to single match was thrown out of the ring initially .

He returns back with a greater number of people.

This is a secret message in it that you can bring down a Jatt farmer by number . Make him politically irrelevant

These all reflect there inner Psyche.

What was his technique to defeat the handsome tall farmer. Not strength or skills. Just plain and simple number of people hea had to wrestle with.

See also the way he has hijacked the patriotism of India.

All patriotic movies are his copy right.

They use to be at once upon a time of Manoj kumar/ Dharmender vintage stamp.

The reason why muslims are successful have already been alluded by me earlier in this site under thread

Indian muslim a sucess story:- lessons for Indian Sikhs

With love to all.

Hps62:) :wah: :star:

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