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The Sikh Story Writing Contest - Get Published, Get Prizes, Get WRITING!


Sep 29, 2005
:) Waheguru je ka Khalsa, Waheguru je ke fateh!:)

I just wanted to let all you writers know about this unique oppurtunity to get your work published in a book.

The Guru Gobind Singh Children's Foundation is holding its first ever, charity story writing contest! It's open to all ages, so everyone has a chance to win some awesome prizes!

All we're asking you to do is research any event or person out of Sikh history that interests you, and write a great story based on it!

We want you all to be creative when writing the story - try write like you are telling a really great story (which you are) rather than making it too much like an information piece.

The deadline is February 10th, 2006.

For full contest details, please visit our website:

OR email sikhstorycontest@khalsa.com

OR post any questions or concerns here or on the support boards on our website.

Please tell all your friends about this contest! We could really use your support! Also, if you are interested in helping out with the contest, you can email me at pogo.stick@hotmail.com to let me know.

Thanks! And good luck!

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