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Sikh News The Sikh Next Door

Oct 15, 2006
FAQs About Sikhs | The Sikh Next Door | Education Curriculum About Sikhs and Sikh Religion


Q: Why don't Sikhs cut their hair?
A: Sikhs believe that people are created with long hair for a reason and they accept hair as a beautiful part of their bodies. However, Sikhs do not mind if others cut their hair.
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That's not true.


They wanted to say that if other people cut their hair then sikhs dont fight with them saying, "why did you cut your hair?" Simply meaning that though Sikhs keep unshorn hair, they do not think other people are lowly or treat them with bad names as some other religions do.

This is natural language problem, but I agree with you that this sentence is ambivalent and will cause confusion in the mind of the readers. Even I got confused by reading this line pointed by you. I think we should let the people of the site know and request them to use a clear sentence.

Here is another example from the site:

Q: Do Sikhs eat meat? A: There are no restrictions against eating meat in Sikhism. One small exception is that Sikhs are not supposed to eat food offered to God. As in any other religion, there are Sikhs who choose to be vegetarian.

....again not a clear language. I think the writer is trying to keep the things simple ( a friend of mine pointed out that). Nevertheless, when a writing is about Religion and its practices and put on the web where people can just read and not listen to you, it becomse immensely important to have clear sentences.

Chardi Kala,
-Akashdeep Singh

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