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The Role Of The Gurus In Present Day Sikhism

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

I always thought of the SGGS as the 11th Master, the 11th Guru, to be treated as per the previous 10. However it appears the SGGS should not to be treated with the same love and affection we hold our Guru's. It requires more than that, and is should be afforded the ultimate respect as it is, I would say, the very word of God.

However, this also lends weight to my argument that the Gurus, as giants of hummanity that they were, do distract us from the ultimate simplicity of God's word. I would imagine that years after, the Gurus were depicted as one depicts the Granth. Some sakhis fail the litmus test, sakhis that show the Gurus as depicting emotion, or extreme love or anger, as unforgiving can only be false, as this would not practice what was being preached. I do not feel the image we have of the Gurus do them justice, the Gurus were super human beings, graceful, their state of Naam no doubt gave them perception, forsight, wisdom beyond any imagination.How, I wonder, did they imagine they would stand in the history and development of Sikhism, how would they wish to have been remembered, would they be happy with the current state of affairs.

To my mind, a Sikh is one tries to live by Hukam, validated by the word of God. It is a Sikh's duty to study the word of God, to decipher within it the true message, to swim under the surface and dive and find the pearls of truth the are scattered throughout.Ultimately, I feel it is to tune into Creator and be in tune with Creation, using the word of God as a guide. The word of God is Guru, the essence of this is present in our heads, to follow this essence is to follow Hukam.

The Gurus remain a huge part of the history of Sikhismm, what role should they play in the present that would be in line with what they preached, or would they be happy with thier current and past depictions, both physical form and personal.


Dec 3, 2011
For me, personally I am content with the way they come across and are, even in this present day. For me, it is all fine as is.
However, there may be some misconceptions or shortfalls that I have that I may not be aware of yet. For these if any, I would prefer some form of correcting and informing in this age. For example, there are huge numbers that believe very religously, certain misconceptions of dasam granth etc.. like Guru Gobind Ji's depiction of previous life and all that hoo haahh. It would be nice for these followers or even the non followers to be corrected with the truths of the matter.
So, all I could really ask for is for all the blind followings to be corrected and made non-blind in this day and age.
-BUT, Am I Asking For Too Much Here ???? OR Do We Need These Differences To Keep The Goal and Search For Truth Active, Alive and at the Forefront ??
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