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Aug 17, 2010
World citizen!
Two Sikh friends reunite after years apart. One has cut his hair after a brutal hate crime. The other hasn't.

Co-Written, Co-Directed and Co-Produced by: Russell Brothers Company and Angad Singh.

The Reunion on Vimeo

"The Reunion" is a short film co-produced, co-directed, co-written, and photographed by the Russell Brothers Company and Angad Singh Bhai. It tells a story about two friends who share common background and reunite after several years of being apart. One is a Sikh (played by Kunal Shah) who has cut his hair after being brutalized during a hate crime, and the other (played by Angad Bhai) has kept his hair since birth. Their dialogue deals with issues Sikhs face when trying to assimilate into modern American society, while maintaining their cultural and religious heritage.

Aside from the beautiful video production quality of this film, I love that it was very real and relevant to modern times. Much of the dialog of the characters discussed real issues and questions that might be asked about having the outward identity of a Sikh and standing out vs. not. I love the subtle metaphors of back and forth between the characters as they talk to each other and make their back and forth arguments while also playing chess. I think this film will also be interested to non-Sikhs as well and serve to create a bit more understanding about a Sikh and our identity. Great job Angad and Russel Brothers! I hope you work on more projects like this which will serve to educate mainstream as well as inspire and support Sikh Youth going through these challenges and questions themselves (Sikh men AND women).

About Angad Bhai
Angad Singh Bhai is originally from Los Angeles, CA, is a 2008 Cornell University alumnus with a double major in English and Economics. Upon graduation, Angad moved to NYC in pursuit of a dream. The Reunion is his breakout film in which he wrote, acted in, and co-directed and produced with the Russel Brothers.


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Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 5, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
This film raised several issues for me. First, where is Singh ji's kara? Almost every Sikh I know wears a kara, even the monas. Even most of the patits.

My first reaction to the attack on the mona was not kind. It reminded me of us in Delhi. We didn't cut our hair even though we knew that was almost certain death. Considering the whole situation, our circumstances were completely different.

We were not ambushed. We knew exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. We fought. Most of us died. We were prepared.

We, we, we. That is the other big difference. We had each other. This man was alone. Just walking down the street, in his home town. All alone, beaten and left to die alone. How would I have reacted without the support of my loved ones? Judging others is always dangerous.

I was also upset by his parents' lack of compassion. They knew what he had been through. He was their child. Of course, they would be upset and hurt - I can imagine how I would feel if my child cut his hair for any reason - but I would think they could still show some compassion.

I could write more, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll add more later.


Feb 1, 2011
I also liked the video :) I thought some parts were artistically creative like the birds when he was attacked and I liked how they debated different issues it was very interesting

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