The Power Of Zafarnama


Dec 3, 2011

Loose Translation: On 6th August, 2012, 17 people died by drinking poisoned liquor. The Deputy Commissioner (DC)of the city came and announced Rs. 5 Lakh for each of the widows. Later on the DC started dragging his feet on the name of paying the promised Rs. 5 Lakh to the widows. The widows took the DC and the district administration to court.

When the lawyer for widows took stand in court, he described the tragedy. The judge too expressed sorrow at the plight of 17 widows.

The lawyer said, "it's been more than 2 months but still the widows have not been paid the promised Rs. 5 Lakh by the DC".

"How can we give order to the judge to pay the money", replied the judge.

"But when the 17 deaths occurred, the DC had promised to give 5 Lakh rupees to the widows", the lawyer countered.

The judge said, "many promise a lot of things and politicians too promise many things."

At this point the lawyer made a masterstroke. He said, "but DC is not a politician. He is not allowed to lie and make false promises. Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee has written in Zafarnama - ਹਮੂ ਮਰਦ ਬਾਯਦ ਸ਼ਵਦ ਸੁਖ਼ਨਵਰ॥ ਨਾ ਸ਼ਿਕਮੇ ਦਿਗ਼ਰ ਦਰ ਦਹਾਨੇ ਦਿਗ਼ਰ॥ (A man should hold on to his word. He should not have one thought in his mouth and other in his mind).

The court was silent. The judge lifted his pen and gave the order to the DC to pay the promised Rs. 5 Lakh to the widows and also ordered stern action against those responsible for the tragedy. The lawyer - Pandit Rao Dharenawar, further commented that if one Pankiti of Zafarnama can move the judge to the right decision, imagine what 111 Pankitis would do, if we present them to the world. He said that there is no better text than Zafarnama, in the world.

Such is the power of Zafarnama. When Aurangzeb read the Zafarnama, it's said that he wept with regrets. Guru Sahib had shown his the mirror of his sins. I once showed the Farsi text to an Iranian who read it and said, "the poet who wrote this is a Big Man". He said that the Farsi used in Zafarnama is very elegant.

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