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The Panj Bani To Be Read For Amrit?

Mar 9, 2018
I've been looking at what historical sources say about which bani was read for amrit sanchar and found this comment by another user.

But i've found the following sources recently.

Guru kian Sakhian which is based on information in the Bhatt Vehis. It says Jap, Jaap, Sawayas, Anand and Chupai was read. I have a problem with this source though because the original Bhattakashri version(1790) was transcribed into a gurmukhi version(1869) which was then copied that was discovered in a dera which was then copied and published after being edited and annotated in 1986. The 1790 and 1869 copy have been lost. The source also says that keski is a kakkar and that sikhs cannot marry muslims which i find strange.

Sri Gur Katha by Jaita(Jeevan) Singh details the bani used which can be read on page 10 of this document.

Each of the Five in their turn recites the five scriptures. With chanting the Jap, Jaap, Sawaiye, Chaupai, Anand consecrate the amrit. Let the Initiate drink it five times with cupped hands and dab with it his eyes and tresses. 3
There is also Bhatt Vahis which is what Guru kian Sakhian is supposed to be based on but i can't find any translation or even an image of the manuscript. It's supposed to be written by the Bhatts that were contemporaries of the Gurus. Same with Panda Vahis which i can't find much at all on.

What are your opinions on these sources? Are they reliable or are there other issues that i haven't mentioned.

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