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The Most Natural Thing

Jun 1, 2004
Off the top of your head, what is "something" that comes very natural for you? Quickly say your answer out loud, or write it down on a piece of paper.

What was your answer? Was it love? Was it painting? Was it taking care of children? Was it home repair work? Was it playing the drums? Was it crunching numbers or making calculations?

I believe that we all have an inherent gift, talent or skill--something that is inherently easy and natural for us. The most natural thing for me is; writing. I can easily and effortlessly sit down and type up a ten page document within an hour, whereas it would take some people hours to finish just a one page letter.

Just the other day I sat down and whipped out a 3 page letter within 15 minutes. People that read the letter said that it was very organized, well-written and beautiful. It only took me 15 minutes. Many commented that it would have taken them hours to finish the same letter and that it wouldn't have been as clear.

At the same time, I struggle with accounting and yet my best friend can pop out my tax forms (both business and personal) in under an hour! She even remembers numbers even if she has only heard them once. She's a genius with numbers!

My fianc頣an play the drums for absolutely any song even if he's never heard it before. He doesn't have to read the music. He just starts playing once he hears the vocals or the other instruments, and it sounds amazing like he had practiced that song for hours! I can't even tap my fingers melodically! And don't ask me to sing, that's even worse!

We all know of people who have a natural ability with children/kids just seem flock to them. And we also know of people who have a knack for organizing or making home improvements. There are many people who have a natural ability to create a piece of art, a song, a building, an outfit, a business or an invention.

I believe that part of our 'purpose' in life is to find out what that 'gift' is and then to give it to others. It reminds me of a quote I read once by Steve Bowman that went something like this, God's gift to you is more talent, skill and passion than you can ever imagine, your gift back to God is to use it. You were endowed with a talent or natural ability for a reason. There are no accidents.

Think for a moment about your natural ability or 'gift' the one you said out loud earlier or wrote down. Is there anyway you could use that 'gift' and make money from it? Or make a career or occupation out of it? Let's say you are one of the people who have a natural ability with children. Could you start a day care? Could you become a teacher? Or what if you have a green thumb? Could you become a florist or a landscaper?

I believe that when we do what comes natural for us that the Universe supports us in terms of finances, connections and resources.

Sometimes it's scary to make a step toward doing what comes natural. Maybe you have a natural ability to create, but you've been working at a desk job for ten years and wouldn't know how to make the change. Start small. Create some crafts, or art or something and start selling it at craft fairs on the weekend. Make jewelry for your friends. If you persist and do what you love, maybe one day you'll be able to quit that desk job and make jewelry for a living . . .

If one person can make a living doing what they love--anyone can. Why not be that person? Find out what comes natural to you and start incorporating it into your life. If what comes natural to you is to love, maybe you want to start a family or volunteer for the Peace Corps and spread love in a big way.

The possibilities are endless . . . Think about what comes natural for you and do it!

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