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The Humble Beings

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 207

    gauVI mhlw 5 ]
    hau qw kY bilhwrI ]
    jw kY kyvl nwmu ADwrI ]1] rhwau ]
    mihmw qw kI kyqk gnIAY jn pwrbRhm rMig rwqy ]
    sUK shj Awnµd iqnw sMig aun smsir Avr n dwqy ]1]
    jgq auDwrx syeI Awey jo jn drs ipAwsw ]
    aun kI srix prY so qirAw sMqsMig pUrn Awsw ]2]
    qw kY crix prau qw jIvw jn kY sMig inhwlw ]
    Bgqn kI ryxu hoie mnu myrw hohu pRBU ikrpwlw ]3]
    rwju jobnu AvD jo dIsY sBu ikCu jug mih GwitAw ]
    nwmu inDwnu sd nvqnu inrmlu iehu nwnk hir Dnu KwitAw ]4]10]131]

    gourree mehalaa 5 ||
    ho thaa kai balihaaree ||
    jaa kai kaeval naam adhhaaree ||1|| rehaao ||
    mehimaa thaa kee kaethak ganeeai jan paarabreham ra(n)g raathae ||
    sookh sehaj aana(n)dh thinaa sa(n)g oun samasar avar n dhaathae ||1||
    jagath oudhhaaran saeee aaeae jo jan dharas piaasaa ||
    oun kee saran parai so thariaa sa(n)thasa(n)g pooran aasaa ||2||
    thaa kai charan paro thaa jeevaa jan kai sa(n)g nihaalaa ||
    bhagathan kee raen hoe man maeraa hohu prabhoo kirapaalaa ||3||
    raaj joban avadhh jo dheesai sabh kishh jug mehi ghaattiaa ||
    naam nidhhaan sadh navathan niramal eihu naanak har dhhan khaattiaa ||4||10||131||

    Gauree, Fifth Mehla:
    I am a sacrifice to those
    who take the Support of the Naam. ||1||Pause||
    How can I recount the praises of those humble beings who are attuned to the Love of the Supreme Lord God?
    Peace, intuitive poise and bliss are with them. There are no other givers equal to them. ||1||
    They have come to save the world - those humble beings who thirst for His Blessed Vision.
    Those who seek their Sanctuary are carried across; in the Society of the Saints, their hopes are fulfilled. ||2||
    If I fall at their Feet, then I live; associating with those humble beings, I remain happy.
    O God, please be merciful to me, that my mind might become the dust of the feet of Your devotees. ||3||
    Power and authority, youth and age - whatever is seen in this world, all of it shall fade away.
    The treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is forever new and immaculate. Nanak has earned this wealth of the Lord. ||4||10||131||

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