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The Homeland of Punjabis

Dalvinder Singh Grewal

The Homeland of Punjabis
Dr Dalvinder Sigh Grewal

India was partitioned in August 1947. Next year, in 2022, India and Pakistan celebrate their 75th year of Independence. This Independence has made the two countries to be sworn enemies of each other. The deal of partition was primarily struck between Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, and Jinnah. Religion was made the basis of division keeping their personal interest in mind. The claim of Sikhs was never given attention nor did the then Sikh leaders showed the right will and force to project their proper demand. This resulted in a great catastrophe known as ujada (partition of 1947). Punjab was divided into West and East Punjab; west going to Muslims and East Punjab to Sikhs and Hindus. Those who moved from the West Punjab area were settled all over; most in East Punjab; others in states like Rajasthan, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, etc. This decision has never been accepted by Punjabis and especially the Sikhs who remained the sole losers in this division. Sikh rule existed till 1945 AD which was clandestinely amalgamated by the British into India. The map of Sikh Rule in 1839 is given below
The justice demanded that the British should have handed over the Sikh Rule to the Sikhs without any division. But they had their own compulsions of leaving India divided between two bigger fighters which continue to date.

East Punjab or Indian Punjab was further bifurcated to meet the demands of other vested interests making it smaller and smaller. From the map, it can be seen that it is not even the twelfth part of the original Sikh Raj.

Punjabis from West Punjab settled in East Punjab or scattered in Indian states or migrated globally.

Punjabi languages remain the common language of both Punjab. The culture of both the Punjabs is also the same except for some variance due to faiths. However, the boundary line between both these Punjabs has been an irritant for both the Punjabis. Most of the old lot who left West Punjab died longing to see their place of birth. The other lot which is now in the eighties are also not being allowed free access to visit their places of birth in the name of security. Even those who are allowed to visit West Punjab, are allowed to visit for the religious pilgrimage. It was a good gesture on the part of both the governments to open the Kartarpur corridor which, however, has been shut now due to COVID-19.
In view of the eagerness of elder Punjabis in both Punjabs to visit their places of birth, it is recommended that those who show the documents of their places of births in the West or East Punjab should be allowed to visit their places of birth freely.

Kartarpur Corridor should be opened freely without documentation and fees.

Direct train and Bus services should be continued as they used to be earlier. Own transport like cars should also be allowed for travel to each other country as is being done in Europe.

Teams of photographers and videographers from both countries should be allowed to record their ancestral sites or religious places.

The libraries in both Punjab be opened for research scholars especially the common researches on both the Punjabs. Researchers from both counties should join to record the events of partition conjointly.

Seminars, conferences, and poetry reciting competitions on Partition, Historical Places, Punjabi Culture, and languages should be allowed with participants from both countries with easy access.

Panjab, Punjabi, and Panjabiat should be the basis of the development of these two Punjabs.

These are only the sample suggestions. More suggestions can come from others interested


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