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The First Khalsa Meeting A New Beginning

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Order order, a voice cried out, banging a gavel, everyone was present for the big meeting, it has been planned for some time, present were

    Harry the clown
    Harry the wolf
    and for the first time leading the meeting Harry the Khalsa,

    'gentlemen, I am forced to take command of this vessel, your pursuit for buffoonery, attachment, love, excitement will end up with this vessel being unable to function within the next 2 years'

    there was much muttering and discontent, Harry the wolf spoke first ' you want me to defer to you?? I have never deferred to anyone, ever, I do what I want, when I want, and in whatever fashion I want. Consider yourself lucky my needs are few these days'

    'not few enough not to destroy this ship though' remarked Harry Khalsa

    Harry clown spoke up 'I couldnt care less who runs this, as long as it is not me, I have my own problems at the minute, I have just discovered I am full of pride and ego, but in the wrong direction' he looked at the wolf 'you told me this was the right path, I felt fulfilled, now I just feel stupid' 'like a clown?' the wolf countered.

    Harry Khalsa looked at harry 'what do YOU want', 'I want to be like you' said harry, 'I think your great, I want to be dignified, clean, tidy, I want a presence of goodness, humility and strength' 'then why do you follow the wolf the clown' asked harry Khalsa, 'its easy.....' replied harry.

    'Everything is a habit, my friends, it is just as easy to be good, as it is to be bad, once your in the habit'

    Everyone looked at Harry wolf, Harry the wolf that had one way or another tried to destroy the ship 17 times. reckless speeding, driving into houses, jumping into rivers whilst blind drunk (no i cannot swim), etc.

    'I wish to carry out some reports' said harry khalsa, we will talk once I have concluded them

    Starting at the feet, HK found the manager in charge, 'hows the feet', 'blood flow normal, everything good at the feet, but he needs more walking', HK moved up the legs, and found the leg manager 'legs ok?' 'no, we have much pain, but we have orders from the wolf to ignore it' 'what should we do?' 'build up the muscle, your mister wolf is addicted to his car, he needs to walk more, the pain will go away', HK nodded, the next stop he was not looking forward to, HK found the manager in charge 'hows things here' the manager laughed 'its the only part of his body he really cares about, the only part he worries about losing' 'shouldnt that be his heart?' 'have you spoken to the heart manager yet?' 'no, why' 'uhm lets say the most important organ in the body is here, as stated by the wolf'
    'how long has this organ been in charge of decision making?' 'a long time......'

    HK moved up, the liver seemed in ok condition, some years back, it had aged to that of a man aged 90, but the wolf stopped drinking, and found other ways to intoxicate. kidneys were ok too, finally the heart manager. 'if your wolf stays in charge much longer, we have about 3 years max, he eats rubbish, no exercise, its a coin toss between a stroke and a 4th heart attack, your mister wolf lives not even for today, he lives purely for the moment, for now, if he thought he could have some delight for now, he would do it, and leave someone else to pick the pieces up'

    HK found the lung manager, 'we are only inflating to about 75%, this affects everything, as we cannot get enough oxygen into the body' 'can anything be done?' 'absolutely mister wolf knows exactly what it is, there is scar tissue from the bypass sitting on top of one of the lungs, he needs to cycle 30 mins a day, to inflate the lung fully, this will slowly stretch the scar tissue, and in time we can get upto 100%'
    'mister wolf knows this', 'yes', 'why has nothing been done', 'mister wolf has said he has better things to do with his time'

    HK demanding a meeting with HW

    'why are you killing him'
    'I am not, I am just having fun'
    'your fun is killing him, you must realise that'
    'I do, I am not stupid, but I can only focus on the now, I would literally do anything for a moments pleasure'

    there was no apology, no explanation, the wolf said it as it was.

    HK thought for a while, the wolf was charming and honest, maybe they could do business together

    'know how long you have left?'
    'about 3 years'
    'how would you like to hold your head up high'
    'It does not work like that, after the moment has gone, the shabbiness lingers'
    'what if it didnt, what if after the moment, you held up your head and we all applauded you'
    'impossible, why would anyone applaud what I do?'
    'we would applaud anything you did, provided it was within certain rules'
    'I have already restricted my actions and thoughts'
    'but its not enough is it, you still feel shabby!'
    'yes, that is true'
    'the key here is discipline and moderation'
    'i do not understand'
    'no but i do'

    Meeting #2

    Harry Khalsa spoke up, 'gentlemen, you all need to merge with me, I can bring you together, I can fulfill are your needs, I can teach you clown the meaning of humility, and you wolf, the meaning of discipline and moderation, and you, harry, i can teach you to behave like a man, and not a fool, I am aware of the state of this ship, I can bring health to it, a future to you all, and in that health and future, I can show you bliss that none of you knew before, to you harry, this will seem like you are validated beyond imagination, to you clown, bliss to you is the laughter of others, i will give you something better, you will find bliss in the happyness of others, and to you mister wolf, the bliss I can show you, will dwarf what you feel from food, sex, drink, but most importantly, without the guilt or feelings of dirt. Join me, fellows, we all have the same goals, you can all carry on as you are, I will not ask any of you to change, I will ask you all to enlighten yourselves out of what you call life, and see what I call life, and change as you all feel appropriate, just let me give you all the best chance possible to live, instead of this existence you call living'

    A meeting was called for a later date
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