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The Disguised King


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Once upon a time was a king who ruled over a territory.
Just and noble , He was a favorite among subjects but two of his men really stood out.

One was his brave general Soloman , whom he always regarded as his most faithful person and
always considered his say whenever there was a important decision.Soloman too , was very devoted to king and always was ready to sacrifice himself.

The other was a lady Jane who used to bring flowers for the king daily. Her husband died at young age , was survived by a son. The king took care for the upbringing of the kid and Jane was ever indebted to king for that. The son was wise , fearless and dear to king as well.

Time passed on , The king lost interest in kingdom and wanted to leave everything and live further as an ascetic to a far off unknown place. He wanted to leave but did not want to hurt anyone with his absence. So far , he had maintained a distance with all his subject except the two he really cared for. So he disguised himself as a servant to test their love for him as well.

When he stayed at Soloman's place for some day , Soloman used to have respectful words for king , but told that something was wrong with king , he said "he has lost interest for battle and fears if the other territory people dont attack and slave this kingdom". He wanted to take care of war affairs himself and wanted to be appointed as a person for that.Though he still had respect for king , but strongly felt that king needed some counselling.

A little disturbed, the king went on to Jane's home , Jane's son had grown up well , was in youth , energetic and very wise. After a few days of observation , he one day found Jane saying " The king is now out of his mind , may be he has aged and lost interest in this world , I see my son as the most deserving heir for the king. The king is a good person but i want my son to succeed him now".

The king smiled and went back to palace. He packed up his little needed belongings , took a horse telling the servant that he wanted to go for little stroll and wanted to go alone. In addition , he left a note to be handed only to Soloman tomorrow morning.

The king took his horse and did not come back.
The note was given to Soloman which read.
"Dear Soloman,
I intend to retire now as an ascetic to a far-off place, To take care of the responsibilities of kingdom , I appoint Jane's son as my heir and you as the War affairs minister to control the territory.
I had thought of you and Jane before leaving , but found out that there were some more important matters at hand which needed more care then that."

Efforts were made to find the king, but in vain, Jane's son was the new king with Soloman as general.

But soloman and jane always repented as they missed the king very much now.They got what they wished for ,there devotion did not go waste , but they lost the king.

In walks of life , you ever decide some things more important then Lord himself , you are pretty much mistaken , you may materialize your wishes but in process , you may loose a really true friend , the real true peace. You may get every worldly thing , but you cannot get Lord unless you really wish for him and only wish for him. If you value anything above Lord , you will get the thing, but lose HIM.