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The Destroyer Of Sorrow

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 218

    gauVI mhlw 5 mWJ ]
    duK BMjnu qyrw nwmu jI duK BMjnu qyrw nwmu ]
    AwT phr AwrwDIAY pUrn siqgur igAwnu ]1] rhwau ]
    ijqu Git vsY pwrbRhmu soeI suhwvw Qwau ]
    jm kMkru nyiV n AwveI rsnw hir gux gwau ]1]
    syvw suriq n jwxIAw nw jwpY AwrwiD ]
    Et qyrI jgjIvnw myry Twkur Agm AgwiD ]2]
    Bey ik®pwl gusweIAw nTy sog sMqwp ]
    qqI vwau n lgeI siqguir rKy Awip ]3]
    guru nwrwiexu dXu guru guru scw isrjxhwru ]
    guir quTY sB ikCu pwieAw jn nwnk sd bilhwr ]4]2]170]

    gourree mehalaa 5 maa(n)jh ||
    dhukh bha(n)jan thaeraa naam jee dhukh bha(n)jan thaeraa naam ||
    aat(h) pehar aaraadhheeai pooran sathigur giaan ||1|| rehaao ||
    jith ghatt vasai paarabreham soee suhaavaa thhaao ||
    jam ka(n)kar naerr n aavee rasanaa har gun gaao ||1||
    saevaa surath n jaaneeaa naa jaapai aaraadhh ||
    outt thaeree jagajeevanaa maerae t(h)aakur agam agaadhh ||2||
    bheae kirapaal gusaaeeaa nat(h)ae sog sa(n)thaap ||
    thathee vaao n lagee sathigur rakhae aap ||3||
    gur naaraaein dhay gur gur sachaa sirajanehaar ||
    gur thut(h)ai sabh kishh paaeiaa jan naanak sadh balihaar ||4||2||170||

    Gauree, Fifth Mehl, Maajh:
    The Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name, Lord; the Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name.
    Twenty-four hours a day, dwell upon the wisdom of the Perfect True Guru. ||1||Pause||
    That heart, in which the Supreme Lord God abides, is the most beautiful place.
    The Messenger of Death does not even approach those who chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord with the tongue. ||1||
    I have not understood the wisdom of serving Him, nor have I worshipped Him in meditation.
    You are my Support, O Life of the World; O my Lord and Master, Inaccessible and Incomprehensible. ||2||
    When the Lord of the Universe became merciful, sorrow and suffering departed.
    The hot winds do not even touch those who are protected by the True Guru. ||3||
    The Guru is the All-pervading Lord, the Guru is the Merciful Master; the Guru is the True Creator Lord.
    When the Guru was totally satisfied, I obtained everything. Servant Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him. ||4||2||170||

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