The Death Of Common Sense !

Discussion in 'Inspirational' started by Gyani Jarnail Singh, Feb 22, 2018.

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    TODAY WE MOURN the Akal Challanna of an old friend...Common Sense.

    No body knows how old CS was or even when he was born as his records dont exist...and his memeories are lost and buried somewhere deep within the red tape of bureacracy.

    But CS will always be remembered as having taught us values like...why the early bird gets the worm, why we shouldnt play in the rain....Life isnt always FAIR..

    CS always lived by simple sound financial policies - basic one - DONT SPEND MORE than you earn...Chaadar vekh ke paire pasarao.."stretch your legs only as far as the edge of your blanket ( or your feet will stick out the end and get cold !!) other words living on "borrowed" funds will leave you out in the cold without an umbrella when it today's world of "credit" cards who cares for CS anyway.

    CS always demanded that ADULTS be in Charge and not kids or parenting strategies will go astray....and they have done...due to well meant and well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place...NO CANING..NO SLAPPING...NO SHOUTING.... Thats when the health of CS began to deteriorate..

    So what do we get ?? Newspapers report a six year old boy charged for sexual harrassment for molesting/kissing his classmate...teenagers suspended from school afetr being caught using mouthwash after lunch....a teacher SACKED for reprimanding an unruly student...the HEALTH of CS rapidly going down the tubes...

    CS was admitted to the ICU ( Intensive care Unit) when Schools were REQUIRED to get Parental Consent BEFORE giving Aspirin to a student....BUT couldnt INFORM the parents when their daughter GOT PREGNANT and wanted an this would violate her "RIGHTS" .

    Finally CS began to be on his last few breaths as "religion" was BANNED from schools, Churches, became BUSINESSES...and CRIMINALS had more RIGHTS than the victims

    CS splutterred and gasped on his deathbed when he ehard that a Woman in a restaurant, knowing fully well that the coffee served by the witreess was piping hot, spilled it on her lap....and the COURTS awarded her a Huge Award in "compensation"

    CS DIED...the next day..... His Parents (Truth and Trust) could not be present at his funeral because they had died much earlier. Sad to say CS's wife DISCRETION, His daughter, RESPONSIBILITY, and his son REASON had also preceeded his own death. But present at his funeral were his surviving Step-Brothers...MY RIGHTS and I am Whiner...the mourners present could be counted on the fingers of one hand....because NOT MANY even realised Common Sense was Going...going...GONE.:}8-:

    Jarnail Singh
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    Sat Sri Akaal,

    Common Sense. Say is Common Sense the most uncommon.. is a challanged phrase.

    All humans have common instruments. Ie five sense instruments.

    Our eyes are instruments to see but vision comes with developed sense

    Our toungue can not speak we are made able to speak by developing sense starting from listening to parents after birth and reciting alphabets from nursery. Information get stored in mind, sense is developed and we are able to speak language.

    Our skin instrument and has no sense of touch but once mind experience hot cold pressure, sense is developed.

    We have common instruments to sense but sense is developed through effort by virtue of mind training which operates our bdy and social system.

    Its way of transformation of beings born with animal instinct to human instinct.

    Leaving sense pleasures of natural instincts and sense of these instruments on can understand Gurusbani to develop human values.

    Nar marey kuch kam na aaye
    Pashu Marey kaaj savarey

    With dead human instinct one cannot do good, all deeds lead to service of self.
    But if animal instincts die one can do go good for others with self fully satisfied.

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki fateh
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    Strange, I find the behaviour of animals quite honorable, they have no shame, no ego, no pride, they just do what they do, they {censored}, they shit, they {censored}, they eat, they sleep, they don't worry about who is watching them, watch a bunch of animals and you see true behaviour, watch a bunch of humans, and you see jackasses, all the agenda, all hiding behind lies, all posturing and preening, give me animal behaviour least it is as nature intended, humans have no idea what nature intended,

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