The Aura: The Paranormal


An aura is the subtle energy field surrounding every living being. Every person has a unique aura that reflects their current condition. People who are sick or emotionally upset have weak shadowy auras, while healthy happy people have auras that are strong bright auras. A strong healthy aura is essential in blocking negative influences from draining energy and vitality from us.

There is no scientific definition for an aura. Many scientists are certain they do not exist. Others, while they are open-minded, can not describe auras in scientific terms. Some people present photographs as evidence of auras, but many skeptic declare them to be fakes. However, people with psychic abilities can see and read auras. It is possible that the halos you see in traditional religious art are actually auras. For this article, we accept the reality of auras as fact.

People with strong positive auras are naturally charismatic and attract others to them. They tend to be more successful in getting things done and getting support from other people. People with negative auras tend to be self-promoters that drive others away from them, and those with strong negative auras may be evil. It is possible that negative auras can become parasitic and literally steal energy from positive auras.

It is important to remember that the aura has little power of its own. It derives from a person's internal condition - physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is the tool by which psychic healers judge a person's overall health and well-being. To have a strong positive aura means you have a strong healthy body, well-balanced psychological and emotional health, and a spiritual maturity and strength. A weak or negative aura indicates physical illness or disease, conflicted emotions, unresolved psychological issues, and/or limited spiritual development. Therefore, when you strengthen your aura, you are actually making progress in becoming a healthier, more well-balanced person with a stronger spiritual base.

Negative people can and do influence positive people. Psychics can actually see this in the interaction of auras where the negative person's aura seems to drain the positive person's aura of its energy and light. The positive person will feel it when it happens - they may feel more tired or weaker, their mood may lose some sparkle, or they may get a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety.

On the other hand, positive people can influence negative people as well. Their energy and vitality can literally flow into a person with a negative or weak aura. Psychic healers do this. They send, through their aura, positive energy to the negative person. And the stronger the positive person, the stronger their aura, the less likely they will be to let a negative person steal their energy.

No one wants to be around a person who is constantly pessimistic and depressed. That's because the negativity is contagious. They negative person literally drains more positive people. But the stronger you are, the healthier and happier you are, the less vulnerable you will be to negative influences.

What causes negative auras?

People with negative auras are frequently seriously ill, whether it is due to a physical, mental, or spiritual disease. Drinking, smoking, and taking drugs can weaken your aura. Stress, conflict, and violence can, too. Too little exercise, mental stimulation, positive social interaction, or spiritual connection can produce a dark weak aura. And engaging in immoral activities can be disastrous - crime, deviant behaviors, and misuse of your fellow man can produce an aura as dark and thick as night. Negative auras can be extremely powerful, reflecting the inner turmoil that creates them, and they can influence the people around them in very serious ways.

Some people believe that negative energy isn't always associated with a living human being. Restless spirits of people who passed away before they were able to resolve conflicts are one example of a negative entity that can still influence the living. And just as there are positive spirits, like angels, there are negative ones. No one can prove or disprove their existence, but many people have experienced the powerful effects of having negative entities influencing their lives.

How can I protect myself from negative energy and auras?

People with positive auras, on the other hand, are better able to withstand negative influences. Their good health is a strong protective barrier, and they less susceptible to drains on their energy and vitality. If you want to have a stronger, more positive aura, you need to become a stronger, more positive person.

There are also techniques we can use to protect ourselves from negative energies and entities and maintain a healthy aura. All of these techniques serve to help become more powerful in our psychic abilities and more sensitive to external influences that might harm us.

An important first step is to learn to use and trust your intuition. For example, have you ever been involved in a conversation with someone and felt a knot form in your stomach? This knot was telling you that this person is negative and may be draining your energy. Relying on those internal messages more may be one way to protect your positive energy and aura.

However, many people have trouble distinguishing intuitive knowledge from emotional reaction. When you begin to develop your intuitive skills, you must take care that you're not letting your feelings about a situation masquerade as intuition. There is no school or class for telling the difference. The best way to learn is through trial and error, being willing to make mistakes, and through self-knowledge.

Looking into your motivations is important. Perhaps you got that knot in your stomach because you wanted to punch the person in the mouth. That is not intuition. It is emotion. You are the only person who can interpret these signs, and self-knowledge is an important tool in differentiating intuition from irrational emotions.

Another way to become stronger and healthier, and to have a strong positive aura, is to avoid things that weaken or harm you. Avoid junk food, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. They weaken your defenses and personal resolve. They cloud intuition and increase emotions. Counter-balancing the avoidance of negative things is incorporating more healthy things into your daily routine - exercise, nutritious foods, positive social experiences, prayer and meditation.

Meditative activities strengthen you and your aura. Listening to soothing music or reading an inspirational or uplifting book helps clear your mind and body of negative influences and builds your resistance to them. Meditation helps you tune out externalities and tune in to your own strengths and wisdom. Meditation is a very important and rewarding tool for becoming healthier and having a stronger, more positive aura.

You can also use some objects that may have a healing or protective effect. Amulets are thought to fend off negative spirits. They come in many shapes, forms, and sizes and are made of a variety of materials. Used since time began by native and primitive peoples, they can be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or purse. Some people use specific stones as amulets. Popular stones for this purpose include onyx, hematite, double-terminated quartz, and aragonite. They are also called protection stones.

If you feel that you are being attacked and someone or something is trying to drain your energy, you might try taking a physical position to block it. The point is to protect yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually at the same time. Take a position that blocks out external influences by crossing your arms in front of your chest, cross your legs. Make all your fingers on your left hand touch the fingers on your right hand. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and take long slow even breaths until you begin to feel comfortable and protected.

Closing yourself off in this way will not only protect you from negative influences, it will stop your energy from reaching other people. It's a way to take a psychic break and allow you to refresh and strengthen your own body and spirit. Your aura will, in turn, become stronger, more light, and more resistant to negative influences.

We have talked about people being made of energy, which is how we are able to create desires by our thoughts/feelings, invoke spirits realms away, reveal realities once hidden and wake up parts of ourselves that seem superhuman. Our energy can even be seen with the naked eyed as if it were an egg shell of colored bans over the entire body. This energy is the Aura and is related to many paranormal abilities you can improve in yourself, like the things mentioned above. Some of these abilities are clairvoyance, telepathy, medium ship, Rikki, Acupuncture/Acupressure, magic, and shamanism. Though seemingly separate subjects, they are connected by the power of the human aura. I’ve found through my various research, and I think you’ll agree, that each of these subjects is powered by one comprising thing: the Aura.

As mentioned above, the Aura is like a big egg surrounding the entire body. It can be half a foot to several yards wide, depending on how far you have evolved. The Aura is the energy in and around your body. It shows your personality, your mood, your probable destiny, your health, your abilities, your evolvement, and more. Because it shows all this, it is made up of all sorts of colors (not just one). Blues, yellows, reds are all possible representatives of your energy that is your Aura. This is how you can decipher your aura or someone elses aura. Animals & plants have auras too. Even objects have auras. So learning how to read the Aura can help in many areas with many things.


You can learn to read the aura through touch alone as well. As you pass your hands along a person or thing, you can sense different textures to the forces that you feel. These forces being weak or strong can be defined with certain meaning.
However, since you can read people’s aura with out having to get that close to them when you learn to decipher the aura with your eyes, I would say it’s better to decipher the aura visually. To do this first requires knowledge of what colors mean- because aura energy is colored. There are pretty basic meaning to colors that most aura readers agree on.

REDS- PHYSICAL VITALITY / PASSION MUDDY RED- NERVOUS/ANGRY (Fearless, unusual way of doing things, fun, empathic, organized, materialistic)

YELLOWS- ACTIVITY/ INTELLECT MUDDY YELLOW- CRITICAL/ DOGMATIC (Finds new solutions to problems, laugh a lot, deep conversationalist, futuristic, competitive, smart)

BLUES-CALM/HONESTY MUDDY BLUE- MALICIOUS, RUTHLESS ( reads or gardens a lot, family oriented, helpful, trouble saying no, emotional)

GREENS- HEALER/ RELIABLE MUDDY GREEN- MISERLY/ OBSESSIVE/ SUICIDAL (Observer, presentater, healer, intuitive, efficient, finds patterns to situations, loves the metaphysical, multiple talents, needs affection)

INDIGO- SPIRITUAL SEEKER/ EVOLVED WELL/ PATIENT MUDDY INDIGO- ANARCHIST/ DELUSIONAL/ FANATICAL (Self contained, feel free from rules, deep thinkers, deeply committed to people, cherishes antiques, feels overwhelmed in crowds, open-minded, non-judgemental)

VIOLETS (PURPLES)- DIVINE INTUITIVE/ NATURAL LEADER MUDDY VIOLET- OVERBEARING/ STINGY (Clairvoyant, aloof on surface but deep within, intense conversationalist, leader, visionary, magical, acts with strong intent, brings about justice, jovial, responsible)

(Ultra-Violet, White, Gold, Emerald Green)

The brighter the color the better - regardless of hue. Also keep in mind that certain bans of your aura changes with your daily mood. Many bans do not change though, and are able to tell you important personality traits of a person (like do you want to hang around them? Are they honest? ) and bans that tell you the health of a person or yourself.

To check yourself or another’s health by the aura, scan the aura and pay attention to any dark areas in the aura. What area of the body/organ is it close to? What intuitive feelings do you get?

If you want to help yourself or another person through healing the aura (which after one to several ‘treatments’ can help completely), pull the dark energy out. Send the dark energy to the ground by releasing it to the floor after you’ve pulled it out. You can also wash your hands with water while reciting a purifying chant.
After pulling the dark energy out, pour healing energy into the afflicted area for a series of several minutes. According how well you are adapted to this and how bad the hurt area is, you may have to keep applying the good energy all day to the area. And maybe for weeks.

Pouring in healing colors to your entire aura on a regular basis is extremely helpful also. This can lead to an expansion in your abilities, a super strong immune system, and magnetize wonderful things to you ( positively charging your energy field pulls positive things to you.)

How To........
Learning to read the aura gets quicker and easier with practice. It may only take a week of moderate practice for you to get really good at picking up aura’s. If after you get good at it, you stop practicing, you may have to start at square one again to regain the ability to see them so quickly. But if you keep up the art of seeing aura’s, one day you won’t have to try any more. Auras of people and things just pop out. You’ll be able to see 4th dimensional naturally.

1-a person or animal needs to be still and in front of a solid colored background-preferably white.

2-gaze at ,do not stare at, an empty space an inch or two away from the person or animal’s skin. Gaze at this area for at least 30 seconds. You can blink like normal, and you can daydream if you want (this might actually help), but do not shift your gaze anywhere else.

3-you’ll start to see the first white auric ban. It will be about half an inch. Then you’ll probably see other colored bans. Little patches of color will pop up in these bans also.

4-do not shift your gaze to look at the aura directly.

5-the color bans will shrink back at first, but you need to keep gazing. If you get tired, stop. And come back to it. With moderate practice, you get quicker at picking the aura up and you’ll be able to see more and more of it.


(previously jeetijohal, account deactivated at her
Thermodynamics is the closest scientific terminology for the life force heat and energy and its various tones, produced and emitted from the human body. Chemical alterations caused by emotional, neurological and physical altercations cause’s fluctuations in the types of spiritual energy created by differing persons as defined in your text.

The company of the Saints means to merge spiritually with pure minded, pious and virtuous souls fragrant with goodness, sacred speech and pure positive energy. The good create waves of strong electromagnetic tranquil vibes as force fields surrounding them, called aura or aanchal*. Hate or aggression and sin vices activate negative energy causing adverse friction, ill will and animosity.

Not all souls radiate or are powerful portals of spiritual light, those that are we refer to as Giani Ji’s, sometimes simply through written text, thus defying the laws of physics. There are truths in Bani that require substantiation to accord scientific validity to data writ in scriptures. Here is a link for your perusal.


I highly recommend the following two books for reading:

( Personal reminder: knowledge and practice go hand in hand )





Seeing Auras

By guruka
Created May 11 2009 - 9:05pm


An aura is the subtle energy field surrounding every living being. It is sometimes called the 8th Chakra or energy centre of the body, and is actually the electromagnetic field produces by the energy of the body and mind. This energy appears in the form of different colours depending on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of an individual at any moment in time. This article is about how you can learn to see auras and be inspired by the more mystical aspects of those you interact with and meet on your life’s path.

Some people associate seeing auras with psychic or clairvoyant powers, for me it’s a little more down-to-earth than that, mainly because I learnt to read them while working in a bank during my student days. It all started when our line manager brought in a newspaper cutting of an article on auras and thought it would be good fun for us to learn how to read them. We learnt quickly but weren’t always sure if what we were seeing was real or imaginary, so being the bright sparks we were, we hit upon the idea that we would all read someone’s aura at the same time and then write our answers down on a bit of paper along with our name and fold it up. Once all the papers were gathered together they could be opened and we could get some idea of the accuracy of our readings. The results were startling; our team of seven all saw the same colour, then we knew we were onto something.

Over the years I’ve had some interesting encounters with auras. While on my travels abroad I met some Gursikhs in Singapore and we had a great time doing experiments. One evening I read the aura of one of them - it was a combination of blue and purple which indicates spirituality and intuition and was positioned around the top of his head. We then all went for a Rainsabai Kirtan and early next morning he was keen to have his aura read again to test if it had changed in any way as a result of hearing the Kirtan. It was fascinating to see the aura was now around his throat and much larger than before, he confirmed his focus for the preceding hours had been on the ‘singing’ of Gurbani as opposed to his daytime routine of thinking about it. So changes in activity as well as mental and emotional state are directly reflected in the colour, location and size of the aura.


The steps for reading an aura are quite easy. All you need is a pale background such as a white or cream coloured internal or external wall against which to stand your subject, with you stood in front of them at a distance of about 10 feet. Ask them to relax by taking some deep breaths and if you notice any signs of muscle tension - around the shoulders for example invite them to relax there, at the same time calm and ground yourself too. After a minute or so you are ready to begin your aura reading. As you look at the person, begin to defocus your eyes so you are more aware of the things in your peripheral vision than the details of the person. Continue to hold attention in your peripheral vision and quite quickly you should be able to see a centimetre or more of colour as a kind of cloud around the outer edge of the persons head and shoulders. It’s a very quick process taking a maximum of 3 to 4 minutes. Practising with others helps because you can compare readings and overcome any ‘is it real or am I imagining it?’ kind of responses. Some people don’t see a colour but they can sense a colour and this way of reading auras works just as well.

Here’s a brief run down of the main aura colours as I have experienced them:


Purple, blue, white and gold represent spirituality, intuition and sensitivity. Electric blue indicates a gift to communicate through telepathy. Pink is the colour of a person who can love unconditionally. Orange speaks of a strong, sociable, outgoing person who is eager to explore life. Yellow is about someone who is optimistic, happy and easy-going, it often appears with green.

Green is about healing oneself or possessing the ability to heal others. I saw this colour on the front of a friends shoulder one time, when I enquired if she had an injury there she told me about her sporting accident and how she had just come from a massage appointment. Having the massage would have promoted healing in the affected area giving rise to the green coloured aura around that part of her body.


Red means lots of focus and energy. Once my sister came home from work and after dropping her bag in the hallway she came straight into the lounge and closed the door behind her. As she stood there against the white of the door I saw a disc of red colour right on the top of her head. I asked if she had been concentrating a lot that day and true enough she’d just come out of an awful meeting which had lasted for hours and had required lots of focused thinking.

Black auras reflect bad intentions or actions. I’ve only ever seen one and despite the outwardly friendly, helpful demeanour of the person, I chose to go with the darkness of the energy surrounding them to inform my decision not to pursue further professional dialogue. A couple of years later I read a story in the local press about the same person, who had been convicted for assaults against women dating back to the time when I saw the black aura.

Sometimes you don’t need to ‘read’ a person’s aura by getting them to stand against a light background and defocusing your eyes etc. the aura is just there, clearly visible. Here‘s an example. I was coming out of a shopping centre once accompanied by a dear friend, as we walked down the steps to the pavement below, two Buddhist monks in their saffron coloured robes passed by quickly in the lunch time crowd. They had the most astonishing auras I have ever seen – electric blue and one foot tall around the tops of their heads, it was a case of ‘follow those monks!’ Sadly we lost them in the crowd. I still wonder sometimes, what kind of spiritual practice they must have had to create such amazing auras.


A similar thing happened more recently when I needed to speak to a well known Kirtanee and Parcharak on some professional matter. It was straight after the Kirtan and the room was filled with people talking. As I approached this person being taller than myself it was necessary for me to look upwards a little, as I did what caught my attention was an incredible gold coloured aura, just around the right side of his head, it was so unexpected but there as clear as day. It’s the only time I’ve seen a gold aura and it made me realize something quite profound; this isn’t just a profession for him - he is naturally gifted with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.


Places have auras too. The aura of Harmandir Sahib at Amritsar is so brilliant that it lights up the sky above the entire complex, so even on the darkest night the sky appears blue as if it were daytime.

Being able to see and appreciate auras is one way of developing our subtle abilities. Spiritual states are experienced through our senses at a very subtle level, manifesting as visions, enchanting sounds, depth of feeling outside our normal range of experience, tastes and fragrances, movement and communication beyond the usual dimensions of time and space. These spiritual experiences are the flowers growing naturally on the wayside, they can be admired and connect us to an increasing sense of awe of the magnificence of the Creator as we walk on our spiritual path. And of course the flowers change with the altitude. The lives of enlightened Gursikhs are embellished with spiritual experiences and we can draw much inspiration from them; Baba Harnam Singh ji Rampur Khera (the account of his life: Se Kinehiya) and Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh ji (his autobiography Jail Chittian) are two such examples. Giani Thakur Singh ji (Patiala) a modern day Parcharak also often refers to the spiritual experiences of living Gursikhs in his katha.


Darshan Kaur is based in south-east England and works as an NLP Therapist, providing help for a range of different issues including weight management, stress and relationships.

She also delivers personal development training courses to private and public sector organisations. [1] [2]


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