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The accidental Prime minister


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011
This film is on Dr Manmohan Singh , who was selected by Congress to be it's Prime minister in 2004 because Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi could not become PM because of her Italian origin . He is played by Anupam Kher , who is shown to be forever in a position of humble submission with his hands leaning forward and having a very weak voice and meek demeanour . His acting is okay . The film is from the point of view of his media adviser Sanjaya Baru , who is played with panache by Vinod Khanna's son Akshay Khanna .

In his first term Dr Singh acts with his own mind and puts all his prestige behind the nuclear deal with the USA which will legitimise India's nuclear weapons . The left parties on whose support the Congress is in power refuse to ratify the deal , which could lead to collapse of the government if they refuse to support it in parliament . But Dr Singh stakes his all on the deal and refuses to call off the deal , believing the deal to be a game changer for India in the world . He strikes a good rapport with US President George Bush , who is ready to legitimise India's nuclear weapons . And Dr Singh's persistence pays off as the Samajwadi party supports the deal after it's leaders talk to President Abdul Kalam who is a man of science , and the deal is ratified in Parliament .

Around this period comes the death of former PM Narsimha Rao , but the Congress refuses to honour the dead leader's legacy in Delhi and tells his family to do that in Hyderabad where Rao had no connections . This disappoints Dr Singh , who feels that Rao was a great man and deserved to be honoured . However the successful nuclear deal has raised his popularity in the country , and the Congress party wins second time in elections . The whole country is agog with the slogan 'Singh is King' . But the party has a cynical plan to dump the blame of defeat on Dr Singh if it loses and give credit of the victory on Rahul Gandhi .

In the second term , Singh is shown to be losing his steam as the Congress is reeling with accusations of scams . He keeps quiet as the party tries to deflect the blame on him , thus showing his weakness . Sanjaya Baru writes the book 'The accidental Prime minister' on Singh , but the book sees no sales at first . But a strong denial of the book's facts by the Prime minster's office in press conference gives it the much needed publicity and the book's sales soar . But the facts exposed in the book lead to breakdown of the relationship between Singh and Sanjaya . Singh vows to never stand for election again . His party loses the elections anyway .

Acting wise , photography and colours wise , background music wise and songs wise I found the movie a decent watch for people interested in politics.

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .


Jun 1, 2004
Well, its purely a propaganda movie and an extremely poor attempt at that... My generous rating is 1 out of 5... Only time will tell the legacy of Manmohan Singh and that time is not too far...

Anupan kher should be ashamed of his depiction for which he is seeking an Oscar! :nako:

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